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Footmuff for secondhand pram?

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CardyMow Sun 12-Dec-10 11:00:36

I've bought a Hartan Racer S from one of my friends (looks like a tank, but looks very sturdy to cope with all the walking I do). The only thing is, I want a footmuff for it, as baby is due in the middle of January. I don't particularly care if it a specific 'matching' one made by the manufacturer, but I would like it to be pale blue/chocolate brown. The pram has an unusual harness as well, so I'm not sure if one that's made for a 5-point harness would fit? Can anyone help? I have NO shops in my local town that sell baby stuff, so it would need to be online, can do amazon, but have never used Ebay and don't have paypal.

tutu100 Sun 12-Dec-10 13:26:47

I have googled Hartan for pictures, and I think you would be ok with a universal footmuff. The only thing you would have to do differently is thread the strap that comes between the legs through and then reattach it to the bumper bar, but it looks like there is a popper that detatches it so that should be ok.

The rest of the harness should fit a footmuff as a 5 point harness would.

CardyMow Mon 13-Dec-10 05:10:55

Thank you! I was thinking something like that, but was unsure because of the leg strap going over the bar...didn't occur to me that I could unpop it, thread it through and pop it back up. blush. I blame baby brain!

sickoftheholidays Wed 15-Dec-10 20:57:58

get a custom one then you can be sure it will fit.

nicm Wed 15-Dec-10 23:35:16

i would get a hartan soft carrycot that changes to a footmuff. have ordered from and and both stock hartan.

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