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Frog v Cameleon

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suzie38 Sat 11-Dec-10 15:43:15

I bought a Frog before i got pregnant been using it on and off due to massive pushchair collection for DD who is now 19 months old...Anyway decided to buy a 2nd hand Cameleon off eBay mainly for the adjustable handle...Snow mostly gone so tried out the Cam for the first time today with the foam filled wheels i bought seperately...I find it harder/heavier to push...Is this usual???

Tinkerisdead Sat 11-Dec-10 15:45:23

I havent had a frog but my Cam is really light, its easier to push and could easily run away with me. It may seem heavier compared to a frog though. i suppose I'm no use but i would never describe my cam as heavy or hard to push.

lecohen Sat 11-Dec-10 19:40:31

well, I have a frog and compared to a cam in a store and prefer it as it does feel nippier. I think it is because you are used to the frog which really only needs a feather touch lol

Maybe try a few more times and see if you still feel the same?

CarGirl Sat 11-Dec-10 19:44:50

I've had both and frog is much nippier and easier/lighter to push steer.

I was gutted when I got the cam - nearly cried!!!

I ended up using the frog seat on the cam chassis as a compromise then sold both when dd grew out of pushchairs altogether.

suzie38 Sat 11-Dec-10 21:11:47

Glad it's not just me then...I did put the Frog seat on the Cam chassis as DD took aversion to the Cam seat on Thursday...Think it was because it was padded and the Frog has the board at the top and foam underneath and she obviously noticed...Strange that they feel so different as they're both the same size and chassis looks no different, bar the adjustable handle...I've put snow wheels on the Frog so it'd be great to keep both but i'm trying hard to whittle down my buggy collection!!! My Bee Plus is definetely the nippyist now along with the Nuna.

CarGirl Sat 11-Dec-10 21:15:50

hate to tell you but on the frog the foam is supposed to be on top of the board too.....

The cam chassis is longer - the distance between the front and back wheels is longer (so the wheel base?) which is why I think it is less nippy plus the seat unit being longer and heavier.

carrielou2007 Sat 11-Dec-10 21:21:59

I have both in my house and I do love that the frog is just that tiny bit smaller so a bit more nippy but weight wise nothing in it. Do you have your cam wheels properly pumped up and on the correct front wheel suspension?? I pushed ds the 30 min walk home from playgroup whilst holding dd's hand with 2 x 4 pint milk, 1kg bag of potatoes and a 2 litre bottle of pepsi max (can you tell I had been to farm foods blush) yesterday and could easily push the cam with one finger. I find thr bee+ nippier only as it is smaller but suspension is better with the cam.

suzie38 Sun 12-Dec-10 07:49:32

I realise about the foam bit on the seat...The wooden board bit just pulls out but i bought the Frog with it that way and it never occured to me to change it...Actually the seat unit on the Frog was a freebie from Freecycle so my original aubergine seat may be the correct way around but DD was too young to notice/complain!!! I was usuing the foam tyres yesterday so will put the air tyres on next time we go out to see if there's a difference...Lots of glass around here so thought foam would be more reliable...Front suspension in the middle at the moment...My DD is 21 lbs...Previous owner still had it on the softest setting...Will check out difference in seat length later though was using Frog seat unit yesterday...And measure the chassis...Normally i can push the Frog very laddened up, with one hand hence being surprised about the Cam.

michellej Sun 12-Dec-10 08:22:53

I have had both and prefer the way the frog handles/pushes.

I have stairs so tend to build my own frog/cam combo and have frog chassis with cam seat unit and fabric as i find the cam handle slips when going up and down the stairs. I got bored and sold my last one so am in the process of buildng another one atm. Have brough the new limited ed black bases and canvas fabrics so will look yummy i think.

Maybe try the cam front wheels on a different setting as i found the frog front wheels easy over everything but took me ages to get setting right on the cam ones. Ive had to buy cam front wheels this time as i couldnt find frog ones new and was getting desperate as have got everything else so wanted to be able to use it lol!

CarGirl Sun 12-Dec-10 15:46:08

I think overall the cam seat frame is 1-2" longer so it makes the pushchair less stable - not hugely so but it makes a difference if you compare directly.

suzie38 Sun 12-Dec-10 17:10:22

The Frog seat is 33" long and the Cam is 35" long...Why oh why can't i be 5'6" and then the Frog would have been the perfect height to push!!!

lecohen Sun 12-Dec-10 18:45:04

I am 5"4 and find the Frog a perfect pushing height

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