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Stokke Xplory fans please share your views...

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crazybutterflylady Thu 02-Dec-10 10:03:37


I am pg with DC1 and am trying to convince DH that we NEED the Stokke. His mum has commented that it's a lot of money to spend on a buggy, but I think if we can find it at a good price it will be worth it.

Do any of you have one and would you recommend it?

I really like that it's parent facing, it's high off the ground away from car exhausts and that the handle is quickly adjustable (I am 5'6 but DH is 6'4!).

Would really appreciate any comments, pro or con. My one worry is that I whinge on and get it, then hate it and lust after a cheap, light buggy. Since this is our first I don't have much experience.

Thanks a lot

TeaandCake Thu 02-Dec-10 17:08:39

Get it, you will love it!

Yes, I agree that it is v expensive but that's quality for you.

Will def suit both you and DH at differing heights - always a plus.
The high seating position is wonderful and no other buggy does this in the same way.
It is a joy to push - brilliantly balanced and light to manoeuvere.
It has a v small footprint ie it takes up v little space on public transport or in confined spaces.
It looks different (a good thing, don't follow the crowd).

If you do get it, make sure you use it. Loads of people buy something quite fab to begin with then go to an umbrella fold as soon as they can despite it's drawbacks. Don't understand this. I have used my original purchase and nothing else for 2 DC. I wanted to get the maximum usage from it and it was so much nicer to push and so much more comfortable for my babies. Aplologies for the rant there!blush

Buy it from Back in Action. They have the most fabulous customer service and will also price match it if you can find one elsewhere (currently in stock) at a better price.

Despite what I've said above no buggy/pram/travel system/whatever will do everything for everyone so you need to carefully weigh up what you need it to do for you. Take into consideration storage in the house, will it fit in your car boot, where you wish to take it (do you walk off-road or mainly on pavements?)

Good luck convincing your DH (he will prob love using it if you you do get one!)

napa Thu 02-Dec-10 22:55:32

I have one for DS who is now 7 months and LOVE it. For ease I keep it up in the house as we go out for a walk every day, though putting it up and down is not hard.

I got the carry cot for it and used that for the first 6 months, bow he is in the seat and loves sitting up and looking around.

Great interaction as parent facing and high up. Though with option to turn and lower the seat if needed- have used it this way as a high chair once.

Very easy to push and turn etc, though I mainly walk on pavements into and around town, not sure what it would be like on muddy paths etc.

Only thing I don't like is the foot rest needs 2 hands to adjust though this is version 2. The 2010 model is version 3 and i believe is adjustable with one hand.

Also although DH was more than happy for me to get it, he says it's a womans pushchair and he feels silly pushing it!?

crazybutterflylady Fri 03-Dec-10 10:41:46

Thanks both for your replies. I am hoping DH is coming round!

I have a Back in Action just round the corner from work and I did go in but found they were pretty nonplussed. I was pleased DH wasn't there with me or he'd have decided then and there not to bother getting one!!

Did you both get the package of stroller/seat/carrycot? Do I need anything else like the changing bag or am I better off getting the basics form Stokke and buying other stuff elsewhere...?

Thansk again! x

deliciousdevilwoman Fri 03-Dec-10 15:22:53


I will watch this thread with interest, as I have been researching and coveting for weeks! A good friend of mine got one for her daughter who was born in September, and loves it-citing most of the reasons given by TeaandCake above. My DD is due Jan 12th.

I have looked at packages on BabyBabyOnline and these were cheaper than BambinoDirect, but will check out Back in Action.

I want the whole shebang! And in the purple. It's lush. Stroller, carry cot, car seat, changing bag and foot muff. This package comes in at more than I would like to pay so I may see if it comes down in the pre Xmas/early Jan sales. Unlikely. I may just have to bite the bullet and cough up.

EBDteacher Fri 03-Dec-10 19:36:23

I don't know anything about the Stokke (lots of them round here though so people must like them- I'm a babyjogger person myself) but I WOULDN'T recommend BambinoDirect. We ordered our carseat from them 2 months before DS was due and ended up cancelling the order because they failed to get it to us even though they (said they) had it in stock hmm.

Kiddicare on the other hand... awesome service. (I'm a teacher btw- I don't work for Kiddicare!! wink)

anne74 Fri 03-Dec-10 21:56:55

I've just ordered mine from Back in Action. I got their package 2 (I think) and they're hanging on to it for me until January as I'm due 29th Jan. They were very good and allowed me to take out the parasol in the package and put in the blanket at no extra cost. On the phone the service has been very good and I know people find them excellent. And in terms of what I bought in the package, noone else could match it for price including babybabyonline.

anne74 Fri 03-Dec-10 21:58:33

Forgot to say, it might be worth checking out pink and blue baby world as they seem to do very good prices but you do need to contact them directly to get a package price.

napa Fri 03-Dec-10 22:50:57

Got the xplory complete - stroller, seat and carry cot at the baby show from peppermint as they had the best deal and included the footmuff for free. Took it with us there and then but have also ordered things from back in action with very good customer service and quick delivery.

Would recommend getting a footmuff as normal ones wouldn't fit due to the style of the pushchair. It came with the shopping bag, didn't bother to get the changing bag - bought a gorgeous pacapod instead!

TeaandCake Sat 04-Dec-10 11:45:31

Hmm. Quite surprised about Back in Action. I have only dealt with them over the phone and they have been superb every time. Seems a shame.

I also want to second what EBD Teacher says about Bambino Direct. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Yes, their prices are v low but they rarely have the stock they have promised, take your money straight away then leave you hanging, waiting for your goods to turn up with your due date getting ever closer. Obtaining a refund is not easy either, unanswered emails and phones etc. Do you need this?
Do a search, it is v well documented on MN.

crazybutterflylady Sat 04-Dec-10 15:38:01

Well... just before I left work last night I happened to see on the Back in Action website that they were having a clearance sale on showroom stock in Amersham. I managed to persuade DH to at least have a look, so we drove there this morning and we bought one! Woohooo, I got the 2010 complete in navy and they gave me lots of freebies including blankets, extra mattress, extra hood, footmuff and sleeping bag... for £200 off!! There's not a scratch on it. We were the first ones in though so we had the pick of them - a lot were much cheaper (around £400!) but were a bit dusty or in cream (asking for trouble!) so we went for this one. Just rewards for driving there at the crack of dawn!

They were fantastic in there, really helpful and friendly, they gave me lots of advice and practical information which was really useful for a first time mum, so would thoroughly recommend them.

It's now sitting proudly in my dining room (only 5 months early!), I am SO excited!!!
From the little play around we've had with it so far I am well impressed.

Thanks for all your help

crazybutterflylady Sat 04-Dec-10 15:39:24

Oh napa I have been looking at pacapods.. would you recommend?

deliciousdevilwoman Sat 04-Dec-10 17:17:25

Wow-crazy butterfly lady-I am impressed! I have got 5 weeks to go, so I need to get in gear! Have been looking at all the websites suggested, but will probably purchase from Kiddicare, Back in Action or Peppermint. My friend used BabyBabyonline and had no problems re delivery, but having researched extensively their prices aren't as competitive. I am going to go to my nearest stockist-Babynest tomorrow morning to ensure that I do really love the purple in person, check the accessories and then order online.

titferbrains Sat 04-Dec-10 17:31:00

omg those pacapods are brilliant. really need to get on with cracking out the next baby so I can get lots of nice new stuff !!!!

mamatomany Sat 04-Dec-10 23:28:06

I bought mine from Kiddicare for £649 including the carrycot.
Ask your local store if they will price match because it's really not fair that they physically stock the pram and demonstrate it for you (And you need the demonstration because it's not easy to fold at first) but then buy it elsewhere, at least give them the chance to be competitive.

deliciousdevilwoman Sun 05-Dec-10 20:19:14

Hi Mama

I suppose I see it differently-I needed to see the package in person-have only seen my friend's in carry cot mode, and a brief citing of a display model as I was passing through in MotherCare, to make a decision. I don't think going to a store for a browse and ask some questions, puts me under any obligation to buy from that store. As it happens, the store I visited today, offered the complete package with the carrycot for £677, but this did not include any extras such as footmuff, sleeping bag and a changing bag etc which some of the online sites throw in. The best they could offer me was 10% off any individual accessory I wanted over and above the complete package. Not to be sniffed at granted, but Lullabys, Back in Action and Peppermint seem to "throw in" more extras with their comparatively priced packages.

mamatomany Sun 05-Dec-10 20:24:13

You aren't under any obligation of course, but equally if anything goes wrong with the product that is when taking it back to a store to get it fixed v's trying to deal over the internet comes into it's own.
Especially if it's something minor or worse something you've clearly done yourself.
With the Stokke it's not a straight forward product. I bought mine from kiddicare so I agree price point is a big consideration (and our local Stokke stockiest is a bit of a twit) but if you have somebody decent and there's not a big difference I can see advantages as to why you'd buy locally.

deliciousdevilwoman Sun 05-Dec-10 20:36:53

Good point, Mamma, and I think that's partly why I have been procrastinating re buying online as opposed to a store above and beyond becoming a bit bogged down in getting the best deal. As you say, it is such an involved product and expensive. My friend bought online and I have been reassured by the recs on here re Back in Action, Kiddicare etc in terms of customer service so I suppose I now need to get my arse in gear early next week and order the blinking thing!

napa Mon 06-Dec-10 22:20:29

Well done on your purchase crazybutterflylady Sounds like you got a great deal.

Re. Pacapod - really Iike it. Not cheap but as it will be my handbag for the next 2 years I decided it was more than worth it. I certainly appreciate the 'a place for everything' idea.

Also as the changing pod unclips from the pretty handbag, it doesn't stop DH from changing nappies while we are out. When he first saw it he said 'i'm not changing nappies cos I'm not carrying a handbag around' - no excuse now!!

Clips onto the stokke handle and doesn't get in the way when i walk either.

crazybutterflylady Tue 07-Dec-10 08:29:38

Thanks napa, I have asked for one for christmas! DH says he doesn't care what it looks like bless him, haha.

JumpingInPuddles Sat 19-Feb-11 17:05:10

Also a Stokke fan and after much research and deliberation, we have decided to get the Xplory. Very excited about it!

By the way, I've recently been to Back in Action in Marlow and Amersham. They currently have a February stock clearance sale on - well worth a visit, if you are looking for Stokke goods (and you might find a few other interesting items too)! You can also check it out on their website. AND their customer service is excellent!

alinjosh Sun 20-Feb-11 20:12:15

dh bought me a preloved one in turquoise and its fab,i love it ds is only 12 weeks and 10lbs so just bought carrycot and now looking for forest cream acc pack and footmuff

mamjo Fri 25-Feb-11 13:23:08

I absolutely love mine, DD (5 months) is always so happy in it and other mums always comment how nice it must be to have her so close!! My main reason for buying it was that as I live in London most of our walks have quite busy roads somewhere along the route and I hated watching the kids sitting in the exhaust fumes!! )at least this wad the justification I used for spending so much money.

I recently had to use a friends pram when DD wad having one of her episodes and I hadn't taken it with me, and hated it. It felt like a toy!!!!

I am even considering taking it on holidays this year as we got the travel bag. I Just can't bare to buy another buggy for hold when I love my Stokke sooo much!!

+ I think I walk more than I would have with another pram.

skandi1 Fri 25-Feb-11 13:40:22

my dh is also 6'4" and honestly his spine would be bent without our stokke.

dd has love it from she was newborn in the carrycot and now she is forwardfacing in the seat at 19 months.

its so easy to handle. i can push it with one hand whilst drinking starbuck (or water) with the other. or push it whilst holding an umbrella which with our weather is more essential than anything.

the shopping basket underneath is fab for 2 bags of good and still holding the raincover too.

the seat height is adjustable too so now that dd is old enou to climb in and out but herself, we will shortly be lowering it and taking the front baby bar off.

i am currently expecting dc2 and am planning to get the stokke boogieboard to dd can stand on that and dc2 can go in the stokke.

we have a maclaren which lives in the boot of the car for emergencies. i hate pushing it bacause its hard in compairson to the stokke and we have only used it 4 times in 14months.

you can get best stokke deal from kiddiecare. mine is from there and i got the maxicosy cabrio car seat thrown in with the stokke.

or you can buy from ebay second hand if you need to save money.

i chose this stroller for us and it costs no more than the bugaboo chameleon does in fact i think its cheaper. i am the one doing most of the pushing so my choice.

your mil should be supportive of antything which saves her sons back!!

even if you go and get a second hand one ( i know new feels better with first baby) but you would not regret.


superhunk101 Fri 25-Feb-11 14:26:17

Just had a newsletter from Back in Action. They have a Stokke sales event on the 12th March at their Amersham store. Looks like they are selling off exdisplay products, and giving away free sleeping bag.

Might be worth a lil trip to see what bargins we can get.

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