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What double will fit in the boot of my Kia Picanto?

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Liv77 Wed 24-Nov-10 23:53:50

I am expecting DC2 and the age gap will be 3 years.

I drive a Kia Picanto SE and can just about fit a single umbrella fold buggy in the boot. Does anyone else drive the same car and if you have a double what model is it.

I live on a small island which limits the option of just driving to the shop and seeing what will fit in my boot as the choice is very limited. I would prefer Tandem style to side by side but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated smile

babybear5 Thu 25-Nov-10 00:20:06

Hi. I do have a bigger car but just wanted to say that i have a phil and teds double buggy which is one under the other. Absolutely fabulous buggy that is the size of a single but easily converts to a double and can be used from newborn up. Folds really flat so will fit in most cars. I have been through most double buggies and this is by far the best option. Take a look on their website. Hope this helps...happy hunting smile

KarenHughes Fri 26-Nov-10 15:30:41

Hi, I am not sure how big the boot of your car is but i have the dimensions of the charisma twin (had to get them for my sister)
Folded 87 x 66 x 84cm
Width 87cm

Take a tape measure to your boot and if that sounds like it'l fit you can get it from

Clareypie25 Sun 20-Mar-16 08:05:13


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