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Buzz and buggyboard

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mummyistheword Wed 24-Nov-10 23:15:01

Has anyone used a buggy board with their quinny buzz? The lascal one fits according to pics on their website so that's no concern but..... never seen anyone with one on! My guess.? All too heavy? Have just got a new buzz in new brown with foot muff, which is gorgeous and warm now it's snowing!!!! Dd1 thrilled. But now I'm worried dd1 won't walk the nursery walk from Jan in this cold and should I have got a Phil n teds after all, been looking secondhand locally as I'd rather view I before buy but no luck yet or should i get rid buzz.....risk dp thinks I'm mad as shortest time ever to have a buggy and get new p & t sport...before I lose too much money on it?'s soooooo yummy to look at though and great push....all ruined if buggy board goes on.

mummyistheword Wed 24-Nov-10 23:19:54

Duh sorry obviously their is a dd2 involved in this latest pram dilemma, I haven't got the buzz for my 15kg almost 3 yr old. Who also by the way walks everywhere but we have never done the distances required for pre school and I won't be driving there and I'm in the north.....biting winds..snow....grey sky etc etc. I love it here in Jan/feb. For info dd2 is also large, I think...5month and 18+ pounds already.

sazm Thu 25-Nov-10 14:04:04

hey,yep it does go on,buit dorel dont reccommend it because it puts strain on the frame (i dont think any company recommends it tho tbh) i know a few people who have one on theirs

WaftyCrank Thu 25-Nov-10 14:26:01

I had a bugggy board on my Buzz and it pushed fine with my DS on it and DD in the pushchair.

DS is 3.4 and 19kgs so quite a chunk!

mummyistheword Thu 25-Nov-10 20:36:25

Ah thank you for info then, I thought dorel wouldn't recommend a board on chassis, you are right though....who would! The quinny does have a lot of fancy design on it though so may be not best idea.....hmmmmm

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