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Babystyle Oysters

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suzie38 Wed 24-Nov-10 20:35:21

Any comment on this pushchair...I bought a unwanted gift, BNIB Britax B Smart 4 this week but my DD hates it as the seat isn't upright enough and the bumper bar is not at a good angle...Anyway going to sell it...I'm selling my Frog as it takes up space and folded it's just not practical...Anyway would like a pushchair that faces both ways, folds in one piece, freestanding if possible and has a bumper bar...I think the Oyster covers most of these points...But is the seat at a good upright angle when fully upright...The bumper bar looks better, similar to one i've put on my Bee Plus.

happyfairy Sat 27-Nov-10 18:11:31

im wondering about this one too ... cant find a shop with one to try out and was wondering how sturdy the chassis is? and how big is the carrycot? thanks!

WaftyCrank Sun 28-Nov-10 14:24:33

I have the M&P Sola which is quite similar. I looked at the Oyster as well but had heard a few bad reviews of the older model.

Now expecting DS2 and I looked at the Oyster again but decided to buy the Sola again in green as my other one was pink.

I know Babies R Us in Warrington has the Oyster in stock. However, the Preston or Liverpool shops don't so must just be bigger stores. Maybe give your local one a ring and check if they have it.

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