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Review of Mamas and Papas Rubix

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nappydaysagain Tue 23-Nov-10 18:40:45

I can't seem to find a review of the M&P Rubix anywhere.

I know about the problems people have experienced with the Herbie and that the Rubix replaced this model. Does anyone know if the Rubix is still flawed with the same faults or have these been ironed out with this model.

I am aware of M&P awful customer service when things do go wrong with their prams (sadly from experience) angry but was hoping someone could give me their review of this pram.


schmohawk Wed 02-Mar-11 22:45:49

Just resurrecting this thread in case anyone has more to say about the Rubix now! smile

nappydaysagain Thu 03-Mar-11 14:03:33

Hi schmohawk. I started this thread after having quite a few problems with my Herbie and M&P finally agreeing to give me a Rubix as a replacement.

The positives are that it is a lovely looking pram and very nice to push. I get lots of completments on it. My 9 month old DS is currently in the seatmode and I have him facing me. He looks really comfortable in it and I like the way you can tip the seat right back when baby is asleep. I also like the adjustable handle which is good for me as I'm not very tall.

The frame is very prone to scratches and being aware of how easily it does scratch (from using the Herbie) I have been extra careful and still have a few scuffs on the front bit of the frame and on the metal bits where the front wheels are. Nothing major but considering I have taken extra care am anoyed about the scratches. The main reason behind this is that it is very difficult to colapse the frame without scraping the front of the pram. You can obviously have a go in the shop but I found the carpeted floor in the shop didn't draw my attention to this (but now you know about it so you'll be more thorough than I was).

It is a very, very wide pram grin due to the back wheels, but you do get used to this.

Overall, despite the definate design fault in collapsing the pram I do still really like it.

I found the staff in the M&P shop much more helpful than the Customer Service Team who to be honest with me were beyond useless. Impossible to get through to, and if you do they don't ring you back if they say they will. Quite often they have people answering the phone who only take yr name and number and say someone will ring you back within 48 hours (due to the high call volume). I ended up dealing with the Customer Services Manager to get my problems resolved, which to be fair to them did get resolved as they gave me a replacement pram but I did have to be very insistant with them.

Let me know if there's anything specific you want to know about.

Hope that helps smile.

schmohawk Thu 03-Mar-11 15:55:47

Thanks very much nappydays, there aren't many reviews on the Rubix out there yet so this is really useful. I did think that the chassis was a bit low in the shop, but otherwise it seems like a good bet. Will be careful when folding though. Have you used it much on rougher terrain, tracks etc? The fact that it's got air-filled wheels should mean it handles better than the Sola...or does it??
Hoping to just order through the shop so will try to avoid the Customer Services lot!

nappydaysagain Fri 04-Mar-11 09:16:54

I've tended to just use mine when walking into town etc so not really on rougher terrain. I do walk with it daily and so far it's been fine.

I did walk round the zoo with it grin along the mud and grassy bits and it was fine (not sure if that's helpful or not!).

I haven't tried the Sola so can't really compare the too.

Akandra Fri 04-Mar-11 11:30:48

I have the Rubix and have been using it for two months now. I can recommend it. Its incredibly maneuverable with a light touch and a tight turning circle. It copes with the cobbles and uneven ground in my town, but I've not tried it off road. I'm using the cot part as a moses basket, which you can do. I use the pram stand downstairs and a moses basket stand upstairs meaning I don't have to find space to store the base.

It looks very funky and is very easy to use. I brought the car seat adapters and have a Maxi Cosi which fits onto the base too. It was definitely the right choice for me. I wanted the big shopping basket and the front and rear facing pushchair. I also needed something that would fit in the back of our Fiesta and this does as long as you unclip the parcel shelf (without having to take the wheels off).

I'm not worried about the scratches really - so far nothing so noticeable that it irritates me. The only negative that I have is that the shopping basket is not that accessible when you are using the pram top. It is quite wide, but no more so than its competitors.

I chose this one instead of the Sola - partly for the looks and partly for the better suspension and partly for the price. By the time you add the footmuff and pram top to the Sola its more expensive. Those come with the Rubix - plus you save the cost of a Moses basket.

Don't pay full price unless the purchase is urgent. We watched for a month or so and saved £80 off the full price.

don777 Fri 01-Feb-13 02:09:13

i bought a rubix pram for my daughter in november 2012 the baby is 2 mouths old now she took the baby to a mother and baby group on tuseday in the rain and she notice that the pram was leaving mark in the place where she went so when she came home there was black marks on my floor and all overmy new carpet so i phone up mamas and papas and told them they asked me to send pic so i did then they said that they never hear of this before then told me to take it to any shop and they will test it so we did we all so took the cut off which we use of a runner in the hall way the manger said she had a pramlike this and they took the pram out the back and about 10 min later came back and said the only way the black marks could be there is if you had the brakes on and pulled it along the floor so i left the runner with them for them to test to see what it was and before i could get home they phoned me up and said it was oil from the front wheels as the head office new about this in the shop they made me look like a lier

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