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Mishy1234 Sat 20-Nov-10 17:55:50

We were thinking of upgrading our Sport for the Explorer as it seems to have sorted a few of the Sport's issues, but were wondering if anyone has one and if you could clarify the following.

- We have had issues with the brake on the Sport (as in impossible to use!). Is the Explorer better?

- We've had the Sport start to tip if we try to put a child in the back without weight in the front (not great if the older child wants to get in and out). Is the Explorer better in this respect? We saw a review on YouTube which suggested it's been weighted differently to stop the tipping issue.

- Does the Explorer use the same accessories (rain cover, footmuff etc) or would we need to buy them all again?

- Is the recline any better in the doubles seat at the back? The Sport does recline a bit, but not much.

Balamorybaby Sun 21-Nov-10 07:15:47

The brake is much better on the explorer, it's a simple push on/off pedal.
The explorer is weighted differently to the sport and there is no tipping issue now. The rear seat has been tucked in closer to the main frame.
Some accessories are the same as the sport (footmuff, adaptors, etc) but the explorer rain cover and sun cover are different as the sun hood is bigger on the explorer. The Sport covers (sun & rain) could fit, you just wouldn't be able to have the sunhood fully extended when you put them on but they'd do the job ok.
The doubles seat on the Explorer doesn't recline at all, this is for stability reasons, although I have heard of some people putting the hammerhead doubles kit on the Explorer. The hammerhead doubles seat does have a slight recline prob very similar to the sport one.

There is a very good review of the Explorer here: plorer.php

Hope that helps a bit.

Balamorybaby Sun 21-Nov-10 07:17:12

Direct link: php

Mishy1234 Sun 21-Nov-10 17:56:02

That's really helpful, thanks Balamorybaby. My main concern is the brake on the Sport, as I've had times where it's taken me nearly 10 minutes to get it off. Not good when you both the DC's are hungry!

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