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Baby Jogger City Mini - Has anyone used it with the car seat adapters?

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JamieJay Sun 14-Nov-10 00:50:26

Managed to get a really good deal on a new BJCM today as 19lbs DD is getting too heavy to push round in her Loola (was very second hand so don't mind replacing it after only 3 months!)

I was planning on keeping the Loola frame in the boot to use with the car seat for the supermarket etc. but a quick google has shown that you can get car seat adapters for the maxi cosi.

Has anyone used the BJCM with a car seat, is it stable as it looks like the car seat sits quite high on the frame??


Scarlett175 Sun 14-Nov-10 07:16:34

my friend uses it with the adapters, seems very stable and doesn't actually look that high though it is over the pushchair part, the adapters are around £40 I think??

JamieJay Sun 14-Nov-10 09:41:11

Scarlett - thanks, that's good to hear.

There are universal ones which are aroudn the £40 mark but there also seem to be maxi cosi specific ones for £25.

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