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MB terraine double, updating?

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bubblebabeuk Thu 11-Nov-10 05:30:52

I've got an older model MB terraine double with the fixed wheels and fixed handle, anyone know if its possible to put swivel wheels on it? hmmI really wish it had an adjustable handle as well, but I think the only way around that would be to buy a different model? does anywhere stock parts for these older mountain buggies? and I really can't afford to buy another pram so was wondering if I could pimp the one I have so to speak

EldonAve Thu 11-Nov-10 06:39:24

you'd need to change the whole front assembly

what about selling yours on ebay and buying a second hand urban instead

for parts try

MonkeysPunk Mon 15-Nov-10 08:59:33

second hand double mountain buggy's often go quite cheap on ebay. I'd sell yours and get the model you want second hand.

bubblebabeuk Tue 16-Nov-10 10:51:47

thanks for the advice, might hold on to it, the adjustabke handles not essential and I only thought I might be able to add swivel wheels because I vaguely recal "shopping casters" being available for my mountain buggy, think they aren't made now though. might just get a cheap umbrella folding double for fitting in the car and for round town.

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