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twin buggy that will fit in a Daewoo matiz?

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mrsissue Tue 05-Oct-10 14:31:07

Just did this in products but thought I might have better luck over here. Can anyone recommend a twin buggy that will fit in a Daewoo matiz please?
I am desperate for a double buggy/ pushchair that will fit in my boot and I cant find one, tried all of them in mothercare this afternoon. I even tried to sell my car but no-one wanted it and I cant afford to part ex. So please can anyone help?

lisad123isgoingcrazy Tue 05-Oct-10 14:43:45

I know my macleran fits in mine, as does the P3 mamas and papas.

I would try and find an umbrella folding one, seems best bet.

misdee Tue 05-Oct-10 14:45:16

have you tried the side by side graco standing on its side iyswim?

also a maclaren twin triuphm may fit.

mrsissue Tue 05-Oct-10 15:43:57

I tried the pushchair that was smaller than the triumph and it didn’t fit!
lisad123isgoingcrazy what macleran have you got?, also I googled p3 mama’s and papa’s and it only came up with single pushchairs not double. Cheers for the responses

tutu100 Tue 05-Oct-10 17:29:33

Have a look at a Mamas and Papas twin Aria. They are pretty compact, and freesatnding when folded. My cousin could fit one in the back of her Ka without the parcel shelf.

NaomiPaula Wed 06-Oct-10 13:58:23

I would try a combi twin -they fold pretty compact!

robbie09 Wed 06-Oct-10 16:11:35

What budget r you lookin at?

mrsissue Wed 06-Oct-10 16:38:51

anything really, my lovely daddy said he would pay

mrsissue Fri 08-Oct-10 19:25:40

I found one! yay! it was much cheaper than I was expecting to pay and it is not as nice as I would have liked but it does the job and it fits.

so here is a link to it just incase anyone else out there has the same problem. double buggy

lozerin Thu 13-Mar-14 16:25:22

can't find the link to your buggy! I am desperate a for a double buggy to fit my Daewoo!

FrumiousBandersnatch Thu 13-Mar-14 16:31:03

If you follow the link it shows that the OP got the Baby Go Go Tip Toes twin stroller. Google suggests that it isn't available in trios but there is one for sale on Gumtree as the second hit.

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