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Maclaren techno handles disintegrating

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StayFrosty Wed 28-Jul-10 19:12:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaeMobley Wed 28-Jul-10 19:16:43

I am about to throw mine out; do you want to check how easy it is to take the handles off?

Oblomov Wed 28-Jul-10 19:27:11

we have discussed this recently :

StayFrosty Wed 28-Jul-10 20:14:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

girlywhirly Thu 29-Jul-10 16:43:40

If it isn't too late, what about bicycle handlebar covers? They are a solid rubbery tube and very grippy. Shouldn't crumble like the foam ones. They should fit on a 20mm tubular chassis. Only drawback is they are only 13 cm in length, enough to cover the top of the handles where you push, but no further down. Our big Asda had some black ones for about £3.49 I think they were, but you could try a cycle shop or Halfords.

StayFrosty Thu 29-Jul-10 23:38:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lisamafia Sun 10-Oct-10 12:08:48

Hi StayFrosty - I'm suffering with sticky handles - did the sugru work?! my hubby would probably love a pack for Christmas!!!

omnishambles Sun 10-Oct-10 12:18:47

I just bung racquet tape on mine - is that wrong then?

onimolap Sun 10-Oct-10 12:31:55

Hockey stick handle stuff? Lots of colours available.

MonkeysPunk Sun 10-Oct-10 20:28:17

OOoh, thanks for the link to Sugru - cool stuff!

chillipickle Mon 11-Oct-10 00:16:19

We are having exactly the same problem, and after some palaver managed to track down our nearest authorised repairer who said they could replace the handles for 15 quid.

I haven't followed it up as they are a bit of a drive away and the handles are not totally disintegrated yet.

Might try Halfords for some bike handlebar covers in the meantime, as DS1 on the buggy board is now in the habit of picking off bits of rubber when I'm not looking.

Oh yes, Maclaren customer service told me you can't replace the handles yourself because they're riveted on.

MonkeysPunk Mon 11-Oct-10 06:29:43

are Maclaren offering to replace the handels?

chillipickle Mon 11-Oct-10 20:17:49

They certainly didn't offer to replace the handles when I spoke to them. Just gave me the number of our nearest authorised repairer. But as our buggy is 3 years old and has been used very heavily, it didn't occur to me to ask.

I read somewhere that the problem can be caused by greasy sunscreen getting on to the handles, which happened to ours a lot over the summer.

Would be interested to know if anyone does get Maclaren to own up to a problem and replace their handles though.

januaryjojo Mon 11-Oct-10 21:09:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MonkeysPunk Tue 12-Oct-10 19:43:48

I think it should come under the lifetime guarantee and I will be watching with interest as I'm possibly about to purchase an XLR!

Oblomov Tue 12-Oct-10 20:01:16

They only gave me a number for a local repair shop which quoted me £20, I think I will go back to maclaren to insist they they pay for this, that they are 'faulty'.

chillipickle Tue 12-Oct-10 23:06:21

januaryjojo, the 'sovereign lifetime warranty' is apparently only available on 2008 and 2009 buggies when registered within 45 days of purchase.

Our 2007 one was only covered by a basic one-year warranty, so it's well out of that now.

I will try getting back to Maclaren too, but I fear they are going to tell me it's normal wear and tear.

maxybrown Tue 12-Oct-10 23:11:43

I reckon it is def a problem with the rubber they use. It is perishing through use - just war, sweaty wet hands would eventually do this! I think we should all bombard them at once - all pick an agreed time slot - say two hours and all email them then grin

MonkeysPunk Wed 13-Oct-10 12:18:23

I really think they should sort the faulty handles out for you - NOT provide just details of "repair" shops - the very suggestion it needs a repair makes me think Maclaren should sort it! Otherwise someone should get onto trading standards about them flippantly advertising a "lifetime warranty" that does not mean what it says!!!

I am returning the Maclaren Owen I just received on order from Mothercare - because it turned out to be a 2007 model they sent me (despite pics on Mothercare website being of the more modern model with pushbutton harness - disc wheels etc.)...I was annoyed to say the least - it didn't even come with hinge covers!!!

I have now ordered a BJCM from boots instead. I have to wait in on thurs for the Mac to be collected and then until Tues next week for the refund!

Mothercare were really apologetic and said they weren't aware it would have been such an old model sent out as it came directly from Maclaren themselves!!!

I'm not so keen on Maclaren products now. sad

Emi1yGrace Sat 16-Oct-10 22:39:42

I think Maclaren should own upto this problem . My pram also has sticky handles. It started just after the 1 year warranty ran out. Now I see how many other people have had the same problem it is clearly a fault. Apart from this problem the buggy has been fantastic!! A real work horse of a pram. I just bought some sugru too.Hope it works!!

maxybrown Sat 16-Oct-10 23:22:10

ooh please let me know about the sugru, it looks fab!

IMoveTheStars Sat 16-Oct-10 23:28:24

Foam handles are the reason I won't buy a McL pushchair.. M&P equivalent all the way.

maxybrown Sun 17-Oct-10 14:16:15

hmm, we aren't talking about foam handles though Jareth!

wiggle45 Sat 29-Jun-13 21:25:36

McClaren have got away with this far to long,surprised watchdog have not taken it up,only have to put McClaren Techno handles in search engine and it comes up with quite a few,my daughter paid £40 to have hers repaired privately for her second child as loved the pushchair,they were all sticky an peeling,I belong to a local selling site,two McClaren Techno,s have come up for sale with this problem in 24hrs,its disgusting that McClaren have fobbed it off as they must know the extent of this on the Techno,for the price of the pushchair and what I thought was a reputable company,you would not exspect this.her pushchair was bought 2008.

wiggle45 Sat 29-Jun-13 21:28:51

A lovely man in Milton Keynes put new handles on my daughters last year,had to replace the whole of the adjustable height bit,but fantastic job,cost £40.

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