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Phil & Teds Vibe - I can't steer mine!

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Chunkamatic Mon 12-Jul-10 20:16:45

I got a P&T Vibe when DS2 was born. TBH I have pretty much hated it since day 1 but we needed a double and the P&T's seemed the only way to go.

I am now, however having real problems with steering it. The front wheel never goes in the direction I need it to - instead of going straight it goes side-on iyswim meaning that I cant push it forward. I am now using it with the front wheel locked, but I still find the steering very difficult when it is like this.

I have tried pumping the tyre which helped a little but it is still not quite right.

Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong? I spend most of the time tilting it up and just pushing it up on 2 wheels at the moment it is so bad!

SparkyMalarky Mon 12-Jul-10 20:24:58

Sorry you're having such a problem - I love my P&T Vibe (sorry, I know that doesn't help at all!)

Can you remove the wheel and check the fitting and then put it back? I know we put the wheels on wrongly once, and we couldn't push it at all and it sounds like it might be something similar.

I've found keeping the tyre's pumped up full helps no end (mainly for avoiding punctures) but not sure how it would affect the steering, unless it's completely flat.

Where did you get it from? If it's still within warranty, they should be able to take a look at it for you - we had a problem with our frame and we took it back to the local shop - it was replaced and returned by P&T within a week.

HTH - it's such a pain when a buggy doesn't work isn't it!

misdee Mon 12-Jul-10 20:28:15

have you tried oiling the front wheel?

Chunkamatic Mon 12-Jul-10 22:21:45

Thanks for your replies. Sparky I think I might try and get in touch with the place we bought it, although it was online so can forsee that being a real PITA!

Will pump the tyres and try oiling, as at the moment I dread having to use it!

mel2005 Tue 13-Jul-10 10:28:52

there was a fault with some vibes on the front wheel, it was something about really bad juddering/vibrations when walking fast, could be linked to what you have wrong. i didnt have that problem with mine but it did concern me when i bought it. i would certainly go back to the shop or call p&t and get it sorted.

Chunkamatic Tue 13-Jul-10 20:14:11

Well I emailed the place I bought it from and they are sending some lubricant. So seems like you were on the right track misdee .The woman seemed to know the problem straight away so am keeping fingers crossed. Will update in case anyone else has similar problems in future!

creequealley Wed 14-Jul-10 14:43:47

i have this problem too but so much so that the front wheel arm seems to have bent. Does anyone know the number of the company that is the main stockist. i can't find their details anywhere.

callalilies Wed 14-Jul-10 14:51:20

I had this. Oil it. Did the trick for us straightaway, used some WD40.

Chunkamatic Wed 14-Jul-10 16:33:16

Yes my lube arrived today and has totally done the trick! Where did you buy it from creequealley I just emailed the shop I dealt with and they were quick to send out the lubricant and P&T issued instructions on how to apply it, so must be a very common thing.

I don't know why they dont just include the instructions with the literature when you buy it...

lhill2017 Fri 03-Feb-17 15:28:59

I bought a phil and teds vibe buggy second hand recently and the frame literally snapped whilst I was walking my 2 year old. I contacted Phil and Teds and because I bought the buggy second hand and it's out of warranty all they could do was advise I buy a frame and wheel from them which they would discount at 50%. I feel that this is not good enough as they should be using stronger and better quality materials when it comes to safety of children. For an aluminium frame to snap demonstrates their lack of care. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and am lost for words that they haven't offered a better solution. I can not afford to replace the frame and wheel myself which is why I got the pram second hand in the first place. Any ideas on what I can do?

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