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Buyer's support thread part 2

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BogStandardOldWoman Fri 08-Nov-13 21:13:27

Starting a new thread for when we all spill over..

MILdesperandum Wed 20-Nov-13 21:30:51

Been a while since I posted - sorry to hear all the tales of woe :-( Yes to petitioning parliament it IS a ridiculous system. The problem is when you're in a chain and things aren't working for you the only chance you've got to change things is to threaten to pull out and/or actually pull out. No wonder so many sales fall through....

That said our chain seems to be OK at the moment <clutches wood> the house we want to got to has been emptied and everyone seems OK with the date that's been suggested. I feel we are just waiting on our solicitor tying up loose ends with our seller's sol (end of chain) so we can all exchange.... sounds simple right? We are meant to be "completing" in 3 weeks time (that's what everyone has been working towards) so watch this space.

Lagoonablue Wed 20-Nov-13 21:36:34

Marking my place!

busybee2013 Wed 20-Nov-13 21:43:20

thanks 123, I can relate to you. Hope you have some progress by Friday.
We completed all forms and sent it to our solicitor - not contract, sorry. My solicitor predicts at least 2 more weeks for the vendors to get everything in place if they are happy with the queries sad...and anything can happen in such a long chain. .... Hate waiting and feeling out of control...just praying for things to move. And hope the same for you!

Hefner, you are right...I want to wait but DH is losing all hope. Hope your exchange goes well !!

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 21:51:06

Thanks for the link MIL. Fingers crossed all.

123rd Wed 20-Nov-13 21:58:06

Thanks for the new thread...shame we need itwink keep up the support everyone !

WillieWaggledagger Thu 21-Nov-13 08:10:54

good luck everyone

we are packing at the moment at the same time as trying to keep things reasonably clean and tidy for prospective tenants for our current house. it's in our interest for new tenants to be arranged quickly as otherwise we are overlapping rent and mortgage (plus utility bills for both houses) until mid-january

although it's stressful, and i'm very anxious about being responsible for two houses for six weeks, it is nowhere near as worrying as when we weren't sure when/if we would exchange, so sympathies to everyone who's in limbo

orangepudding Thu 21-Nov-13 11:34:59

My sellers solicitors are being really slow!!!
My solicitor sent them a list of queries over two weeks ago, they haven't passed them on to the sellers yet!! They will answer what they can this afternoon and pass the rest on to the sellers today. Am cross that I had to chase them up to get it done. Feel doubtful we will be in before Christmas now sad.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Thu 21-Nov-13 13:24:44

Hi everyone.
Read the last thread but never posted. I have my buyers coming round in a few mins, to measure up for curtains. They are ready to complete but there is one silly point on the house we ae buying that keeps going back and forth between our solicitors - so annoying!
Anyone have any experience of uplift covenants???

WillieWaggledagger Thu 21-Nov-13 13:35:26

is that where any development that increases the value of the property entitles a previous seller to a %age of the increase? i don't have any experience but it sounds very complicated!

californiaburrito Thu 21-Nov-13 17:03:22

I've been been reading the last thread on and off and hoping that everything would go smoothly for us and I wouldn't have to join in...but here I am!

Our house has been under offer since July. We have now completed the chain (2 above us) and everybody is ready to go, except our buyers.

Why might you ask?

Well, unbeknownst to us there is a small problem with the title of the house. It was brought to the attention of our buyers back in September, but they didn't take any issue with it at the time. We foolishly assumed that they were happy with our proposed solution. <hollow laugh>

Now, it seems, that they are not.

For the past two weeks I have spent everyday on the phone with the estate agents and solicitors trying to find some solution to this problem. All we were hearing from the buyers was that they felt that this exposed them to a risk that they were unhappy with. They proposed no solutions and did nothing to further the transaction along.

On Monday we finally got the solicitors to agree a five figure retention to cover the risk and to motivate ourselves to resolve the situation. And still we hear nothing.

Today's series of phone calls reveal that they still have not committed to the purchase and against the advice of their solicitor want us to go to the council (who are involved with the title issue) and essentially ask "How long is a piece of string?" To which the only reasonable reply is we don't know. Oh, but if it does go through they want to move on (or before!) the 3rd of December.

I have been positive up until this point, but today I feel like the sale is going to fall apart.

Also, I have no wine.

Christ, that's long, sorry.

Lagoonablue Thu 21-Nov-13 19:45:49

Oh that sounds horrible. I hope you find a solution soon.

NorkyButNice Thu 21-Nov-13 20:28:03

May I join you? We are selling on the Kent/London border, signed with agent 10 days ago and had 2 viewings in the first few days, nothing since last weekend though.

I'm second guessing myself constantly, as I found it so hard to pick an agent, and a price to put the house on at, I think it may be too high but they seemed so convincing that it would sell...

Am bored already of keeping a permanently tidy house with a 3 and 6 year old!

FCEK Thu 21-Nov-13 21:34:29

argh. got 2 letters from our solicitor with updates.

buyer - happy to proceed, but doesn't have loan in place yet hmm. We were told she was a cash buyer and inheriting her mums house which her sibling was buying her out of. She's had loads of time and its now 2 weeks til we move out. very stressed

seller - adding some conditions to our purchase. Basically payment in full and 'added costs' for every day after agreed move in date that money is outstanding. And to pay them legal fees etc if things fall through.

We have our mortgage approved, we just need our buyer really to get her ass in gear. angry. Apparently she's also pregnant and 'has a lot on'.

I'm sooo stresed. DH understands all this better than I do sad

FCEK Thu 21-Nov-13 21:40:15

should have added that buyer/seller are using the same solicitor and they are moving premises.

DH says he's going to phone our solicitor tomorrow and express his annoyance.

MILdesperandum Thu 21-Nov-13 22:38:55

adding some conditions to our purchase. Basically payment in full and 'added costs' for every day after agreed move in date that money is outstanding. And to pay them legal fees etc if things fall through

Never heard of that - wow!

California how annoying your buyers only decide to do something about this now!

Norky don't despair, I think a lot of buyers are probably thining now "we'll wait for the new year" people have a lot on this time of year so house-hunting might go quiet. Good luck keeping the house tidy!

orangepudding Fri 22-Nov-13 08:03:06

californiaburrito, what is the issue with the title of the house.

I'm asking because the house we are buying is fairly new (20 years) and the address on one official record is different to the actual address. I am really worried about this holding up the sale.

Lagoonablue Fri 22-Nov-13 08:12:06

Can they really add those conditions? They are basically holding you to ransom knowing you have very little choice. Can you call their bluff and say you don't agree the conditions. They sound entirely unreasonable to me.

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Fri 22-Nov-13 08:44:51

Hi, I know you're on the second thread but I hope I can still join?

Bloody difficult/frustrating house moving stuff going on and I'd love somewhere to vent!

OneStepCloserIWillExterminate Fri 22-Nov-13 08:52:39

adding some conditions to our purchase. Basically payment in full and 'added costs' for every day after agreed move in date that money is outstanding. And to pay them legal fees etc if things fall through

Bloody hell FCEK can they really add those conditions? Ive never heard of that, thats really concerning, its not your fault if it goes over proposed date. If they can add them I would be passing the fees onto your buyers in that case.

TeaAndCake vent away grin

Should be exchanging this morning, was meant to be yesterday but our sellers solicitor was caught on the `hop` and not ready, says he`ll be ready this morning. Fingers crossed. (I swear I dont think we`ll go through this again, way to stressful)

123rd Fri 22-Nov-13 09:14:35

Fingers crossed for you Onestep.
Hello to everyone else.

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Fri 22-Nov-13 10:13:11

Right (are you sitting comfortably?!)

DPs dad died in December last year and left no will so it was up to my DP, his 'full' sister (for the sake of confusion to be referred to as FS) and his half sister (HS) to split the estate between them.

As his HS is a half by their mum not dad (and she got half a house when their mum died plus whatever her dad and his second wife will leave her) they agreed she will get a 10% of the value of the house as a 'token' and DP and FS will get 45% each, no arguments between them and all agreed nicely.

Currently we rent a 2-bed flat with 2 DSs and so would like to buy the house as its more space/garden etc plus the sentimental value and that fact that its close to my DPs now only family (HS and the her children, so our kids can see their cousins more (FS lives in London))

As the house hasn't been touched (or even cleaned really) since their mum died (over 10 years ago) the house isnt looking its best so we have spent many days there ripping out the avocado bathroom suite, painting, cleaning, ripping up flooring (all on an extremely tight budget so doing it ourselves and scouring ebay/freecycle etc) and its starting to look a lot better although there is still a lot to be done - new patio doors as the old ones leak and are rusty/mouldy, new appliances etc

As we work in the charity/care sector, we earn pittance! not a massive wage and as its classed as a re-mortgage not a first mortgage (as my DP owns 45% and we need the money to buy out his sisters and and for repairs) along with a default on my credit record (stupid mobile phone contact mistake I messed up when I was at university) its proving difficult to get someone to agree to offer us a mortgage but we've been looking and exploring different options, phoned lots of people and gone to meetings (we had DS2 in June so obviously that took some time up too) but FS gave us an ultimatum the start of this month in the solicitors office - if we didn't have a mortgage offer in place by the end of this month, she wanted the house on the market as she wants the money from it now.

So, we've engaged a mortgage broker and she has said there is a possibility Darlington building society would offer us a mortgage and we could start proceedings in January when I'm back at work (on maternity currently) so thing look like they might be happening

Just feel tired with it all to be honest, nearly a year of to-ing and fro-ing along with difficult negotiations with family and trying to do the damn place up, plus the emotional side of visiting and thinking about the rooms as 'DS1s room' etc and then thinking we still might not get it...

Sorry, this is an epic post!

BogStandardOldWoman Fri 22-Nov-13 10:55:25

Morning lovelies, and welcome newbies. I just want to say something to give you hope. We are in a chain of 3 and on Monday we are finally moving. It has taken 6 months and we have had the lot. Shitty solicitors, boundary issues, survey issues, statutory declarations, indemnity insurance, mortgage issues, water testing, land registry process, legal objections from neighbours, buyers threatening to pull out 3 times, failure to exchange, missed final deadlines. But we got to exchange eventually.
Don't lose hope!!

FCEK Fri 22-Nov-13 11:32:26

Yes that's what they are saying and it's making no sense. DH hasn't texted me yet so not sure what's happening.

We haven't signed missives etc yet but we do seem to be the only ones who are organised.

OneStepCloserIWillExterminate Fri 22-Nov-13 12:34:55

We`ve exchanged, finally and after so much stress. I agree BogStandard its just a waiting game the whole time, and it will happen (but not before turning your hair grey)

TeaAndCake, that sounds stressful, but it does sound like your DHs sis needs to just wait a little bit, no one would want to start hassling you just before Christmas!

FCEK, I think they are trying it on a bit and blowing hot air, bullyish behaviour from them anyway.

Good Luck everyone, this board has been great and so supportive, sometimes you just cant talk to anyone in RL as your so stressed, its been great to just be able to write everything down, knowing the people reading understand exactly where you are comming from.

Thank you flowers

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