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How much to plaster 3-bed victorian terrace?

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ecuse Sun 24-Jun-12 23:23:55

We're buying a 3/4 bed terrace in a very poor state of decor.

It needs re-wiring which we would do immediately before we move in.

The quote we have from electrician doesn't include making good. Will ask him how much additional to do so in terms of just filling the holes he makes, but we were also wondering. If we could find the money to actually do a good job and replaster the whole thing properly before we move in and whilst it's a mess:

* ballpark cost to replaster whole house? (3 bed, large through lounge/diner, study and perhaps kitchen/bathroom. Although can we have those replastered without tearing out kitchen/bathroom suite?)
* would we save money by taking off existing crappy wallpaper ourselves? Or when they replaster do they just rip the paper off with the old plaster?

Total n00b questions, sorry. Never done anything like this before!

Ponders Sun 24-Jun-12 23:37:28

no idea re quotes I'm afraid.

but having lived for close on 30 years in a similiarly tatty Victorian house which I WISH we had had replastered throughout before moving in hmm I would say DO IT!!! Get a few quotes first, pref from recommendations - both for them ripping off as well as replastering, & for you doing the dirty work beforehand (it is horribly dirty)

Is it ok for damp? If not you should get that done at the same time. & if you do replaster, best to:

1) rip off old stuff
2) rewire (+ damp-proof at the same time if required)
3) replaster

good luck - well worth it, they are lovely houses smile

Sloobreeus Sun 24-Jun-12 23:52:31

It would depend on whether or not you would need plasterboarding and skimming or just skimming...

This might give you a rough idea

myron Mon 25-Jun-12 08:14:22

If you're rewiring and then replastering, consider doing any new plumbing at the same time - e.g new radiators, repositioning of stuff in the bathroom. Also if your ceilings are coming down for rewiring, putting in insulation between the floor joists is a minimal extra cost but makes a difference!

ecuse Mon 25-Jun-12 09:10:28

Ooh these are all good tips, thank you! Ponders that's a great site!

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