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Spare part for a Stanley oil cooker.

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Hi. I have got a range-type cooker (like an AGA but the make is Stanley). It has moving baffles which direct the flames towards the oven or up to the cooking plate. One of these baffles has fallen to pieces and I am looking for a replacement. Does anyone know of a supplier of spare parts. Not getting very far with google.

scaryteacher Tue 20-Mar-12 09:32:30

Baffles towards the bottom.

That is the only thing wrong with the Stanley - the baffles. When I get back to UK, I am going to have a twin jet, and see if I can ebay the Superstar. Great range otherwise, and a huge oven compared to the Rayburn we had. I miss it - I have to cook on a ceramic hob thingy now as opposed to my slab of cast iron, and I have to clean the bloody oven as opposed to letting the Stanley burn it off so I can brush it out.

Yes, I love not cleaning the oven! I love the Stanley, too; hot water, warm kitchen and cooking.

Catsmamma Tue 20-Mar-12 09:43:57

<Rushes in to join Stanley clique>

I love mine....even though i just had to spend £200+ to get him going again...something to do with a spindle and a pump. But that's been it really since we adopted him over ten years ago.

scaryteacher Tue 20-Mar-12 16:34:11

We are in Belgium in what is effectively married quarters in a modernish house. Every winter I groan and grumble because my house in Cornwall has very think walls; double glazing that fits; a woodburner and an open fire; a massive kitchen and the Stanley which I can toast my cold arse against. You can't toast your arse against a ceramic hob without burning it!!

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