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bifold patio doors - any reccommendations?

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teta Thu 24-Jun-10 18:22:52

My dh has now decided he wants bifold patio doors instead of french doors.The architect has recommended Jeldwen folding doors .Has anyone had any experience of these or can recommend any others?.[For my sunroom/dining extension]

teta Thu 24-Jun-10 23:05:47

Nobody around?.I have been reduced to doing a mumsnet search and have found lots of info. on kitchens and folding doors but not specific makes.Anyone order folding doors from benchmarx?.

bacon Fri 25-Jun-10 11:20:09

Lush! I have seen many makers out there but depends on the material and quality. I'm sure I have seen aluminium types. You could ring around local aluminium or joinery companies.

teta Fri 25-Jun-10 11:30:35

Benchmarx sell Jeldwen ones - they are wood with double glazing and look nicer than wickes from the picture.But Screwfix have the solid oak ones on special offer at the mo.[really reasonably priced!].Can anyone order from screwfix [not just trade]?Apologies for my spelling of 'recommendations' [ too many c's]blush

cakeforbrains Fri 25-Jun-10 11:31:51

We got solid oak bifold doors from Magnet trade via our builder - they've only been in a month but we love them, especially in this weather.

MrsAlwaysRight Sat 26-Jun-10 21:17:46

We have Sunflex Aluminium doors. Have been pleased with them so far (only had them for about 8 months or so). Been fab in the hot weather to have them right open. HTH

lalalonglegs Mon 28-Jun-10 20:36:49

Can you post link for screwfix ones - I've just looked on website and nothing comes up when I try. thanks

pcworld Mon 28-Jun-10 21:03:23

Is it easy to get blinds for bi-fold doors (ones that look nice!) - we are potentially thinking of these - I love the look of them -but the garden is south-facing!

jayne10b Mon 28-Jun-10 21:52:37

Just to throw a spanner in the works - we recently had some 'La Porte' French windows fitted. I am always worried about ordering big ticket items like this as you usually can't see them in the flesh before committing. Anyway, the doors we have bought I would thoroughly recommend. They are very solid, get lots of compliments from our friends about how good they look, and fold back fully so that the whole width of the door is open. I also found that they were a lot cheaper than the bifold doors (eg about £600ish for a 6ft opening vs £1500 for bifold)

I'm guessing this doesn't really help, but just in cast you go back to your original plan!!

teta Tue 29-Jun-10 09:29:07

Thank-you Jayne i think they are definately worth a look!.The only problem is there is not enough space on the LHS. of the door to fully fold back french doors ,but i do agree they would be more in keeping with our old house.La la go to and 'doors and windows' and Jeldwen doors come up with 20% off at the mo.However my architect has said it is better to go thru' the builder as he will be responsible for any damage plus delivery and storage [ but will charge an extra 5-10% for this].
Can anyone tell me how long it should take for a builder to do an estimate?.I am a week on submitting building regs plans and still have no estimate!.Is this normal or are they not interested?.Should i chase them up?.Maybe because of the world cup and nice weather i should cut them some slack!.Any experiences welcome.

lalalonglegs Tue 29-Jun-10 10:03:03

Found them - that's an amazing price, they look great.

Re: estimates/quotes, I would give them to the end of the week and then chase.

Ell25 Thu 05-Apr-12 13:55:10

Our doors were fitted last week and the weather was great. Did not think i would be using them so early in the year. But surprise surprise they are now talking about snow lol. We are in Barnet and used a London based company, SKG. Really please with the doors and company was very helpful too.
Bring on the Summer.

keelyclou Mon 25-Feb-13 14:00:59

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

32CJ Thu 02-May-13 11:45:00

Ell25 - Funnily enough i always use SKG for our doors. We like the Sunflex system which is very good quality. I dabble in property refurbishment so have probably had 7 or 8 sets installed by SKG over the years. They are good to deal with and would suggest giving them a ring.

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