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second nature / diy-kitchens kitchen and benchmarx q

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SparkyUK Tue 15-Jun-10 22:51:23

Does anyone have, or has anyone seen a Second Nature brand kitchen. The house we are moving into doesn't have a kitchen. Well to be more precise, there is a room, and the room has a table and a very old electric range, but the sink is in the adjoining scullery and I have yet to find a fridge

We need to overhaul the rest of the house first, and then next year we will do a kitchen extension, so we need something to suit us until then. I like the look of the broadoak range by Second Nature and they seem quite reasonable, considering we don't need a huge number of cabinets. Dirt cheapest at Ikea is cheaper, but I'm thinking that as the one year before kitchen renovations could easily stretch into 2 or 3, that it might be worth the extra 400 pounds to get one I like the look of (and doesn't need to be assembled - bonus!). But, I don't know anything about the quality of these and don't know where I can see them Live.

Does anyone have any experience of them?

We were also considering a Benchmarx as I really like the Wickes heritgage bone but Wickes don't carry the size base cabinets I need. I forget off hand, but I think I needed an 80 cm 3-drawer base. I'm assuming that Benchmarx carries the same configurations, but if someone knows differently, can they please set me straight?


hobnob Tue 15-Jun-10 23:09:52

I have the Heritage Grey from Benchmarx (or 'Borrowdale' as they call it) with 80cm 3-drawer bases, so I think you'd be in luck with that.

SparkyUK Wed 16-Jun-10 20:05:00

Benchmarx cataloge just arrived today - I had forgotten I ahd ordered one. But it onlu lists 300 or 500 mm 4-drawer units or 600 or 900 3-drawer units. Do you think your builder could have customised that? I would think it would be a bit harder with drawers than just a normal cabinet though...

hobnob Wed 16-Jun-10 23:03:18

Whoops - sorry - mine are 900 units. I think I was measuring the drawers themselves.

Hope you find something you like and that fits!

Helennn Thu 17-Jun-10 10:13:32

We have a Second Nature kitchen in Avant Beige. It is lovely and much admired! Seems very good quality, although I think how it is fitted makes a big difference.

cece Thu 17-Jun-10 22:06:01

My Pan drawers from benchmarx are 900mm. But in my experience they stock a lot more things that are in their catalogue. Best to ask them directly I would say. I found them very helpful. I have the Perla one. Pics on profile.

Second Nature only make the doors I believe. Different companies sell these and then supply their own cupboards. I have heard good things on money saving expert . com forum (DIY section) about DIY kitchens. I also looked at supplyonlykitchens. Even went and visited them down on the south coast. They did look good but were slightly more expensive.

I can recommend Barncrest for wooden worktops.

hobnob Thu 17-Jun-10 22:49:03

I've also got a Barncrest worktop - thanks, I think, to you, cece! It's a beauty.

BENCHMARX Mon 12-Mar-12 11:34:56

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carimukalagi Sat 13-Apr-13 05:49:04

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carimukalagi Sat 13-Apr-13 05:51:51

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