What colour should I paint my hallway, stairs and landing?

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FabIsGoingToGetFit Thu 10-Jun-10 11:08:30

The carpet is a biscuit colour and the walls are mustardy. Not long been painted but the kids have left their marks so it needs redoing. I fancy grey but dh wasn't sure. I am rubbish at putting colours together so I thought I would ask on here since you helped me with my kitchen paint colour and I love that.


Fayrazzled Thu 10-Jun-10 11:10:43

Depends on the light. Is it bright and airy or dark and a bit gloomy?

FabIsGoingToGetFit Thu 10-Jun-10 11:15:48

It is fairly light as the front door is half glass and at the other end of the hall is the kitchen with full patio doors. the landing can feel dark at times though.

GypsyMoth Thu 10-Jun-10 11:28:08

i have grey in my bathroom....and in my boys room
its a light silver grey and loks nice.

vonnyh Thu 10-Jun-10 16:23:47

ILoveTIFFANY what is the exact shade of grey. I want to do our new ensuite grey, but there are so many choices!

FabIsGoingToGetFit Thu 10-Jun-10 17:58:58

Our main bathroom has grey paint on part of the walls and grey and white mosaic tiles on the rest. It is going to be redone soon though. My en suite has recently been tiled all the way to the floor and has no paint and is much better so I think we will do the same if possible in the main bathroom. The problem is the alarm wiring is run through there but we didn't notice as they had carpet down.

citybranch Thu 10-Jun-10 20:00:55

we've gone for grey in the hall, it's quite small and dark but I still think it looks good. We used F&B Pavilion Grey, white woodwork. I fancy a few bright accessories (picture frames etc from habitat to cheer it up a bit).

FabIsGoingToGetFit Sat 12-Jun-10 13:41:51

I am going to Homebase shortly to look at paint so more ideas would be great please. F&B not an option atm.

mathanxiety Sun 13-Jun-10 00:00:39

Parma Grey and Stone Blue in F&B are nice blue greys; maybe you could find something similar in another range?

Smilehighclub Sun 13-Jun-10 00:06:09

borrowed light / f&b is a lovely pale blue/grey. I'v also used f&b's Blue Ground but got dulux to copy it as it wasn't in stock and they came up with a brilliant looky-likey.

oh. mathanxiety we are way too late I think.

mathanxiety Sun 13-Jun-10 00:23:27

sad You may be right.

thumbwitch Sun 13-Jun-10 00:26:42

depends on how cold your house is as well - grey can make it feel much duller and colder, unless it's a sort of dove-grey (tiny hint of beige in there too)

WHen I moved into my first house (early 90s), all the woodwork was painted in elephant grey, the front room was painted ice blue and hallway was lemon yellow. It was like living in a computer box. Nasty.

littlemissindecisive Sun 13-Jun-10 08:14:55

Get Dulux to colour match your Farrow and Ball colour - much cheaper

FabIsGettingFit Sun 13-Jun-10 08:35:54

No, not too late grin.

I went to Homebase and bought 5 tester pots. Dh dismissed 2 straight away and I have tried Soft Truffle, intense truffle and Muddy puddle. None of which are grey!

I don't like MP and IT is my favourite, DH likes MP and doesn't likes ST. The kids like IT and MP but they don't really get a say.

MP is to light to do the job that is the reason I am repainting the walls having only done them less than a year ago.

FrazzleRock Sun 13-Jun-10 08:38:09

ooh, missed this thread. I started my own yesterday but will hover in here for a bit

mumblechum Sun 13-Jun-10 08:38:23

That's why I painted my hall stairs and landing the other week when dh working abroad.

I don't do consultation grin. Poor bugger never knows what colours he's going to come back to.

FabIsGettingFit Sun 13-Jun-10 08:39:31

I did that with the little loo. Loads of MNters were helping me so I didn't need to ask him grin. He didn't really like it. [oops]

mumblechum Sun 13-Jun-10 08:43:32

Mine has learned over many years to admire, regardless.

The other option would be for him to pay someone (he'd be rubbish at diy) so he sensibly keeps his mouth shut.

FrazzleRock Sun 13-Jun-10 08:57:00

thumbwitch - re grey being dull and cold. What about Elephant Stone?

FrazzleRock Sun 13-Jun-10 08:58:07

haha, I meant Elephant's Breath!
It wasn't a link to the Stone Roses wink

thumbwitch Sun 13-Jun-10 11:07:04

As I said, depends on the light. If you have good natural light, with sunny aspect, then it could look great - but if not then I still maintain it looks cold and dull. I got rid of all the grey paint (it wasn't even that nice, it really was just elephant grey). DUll, dull, dull. Oh yes, did I mention the carpet was also elephant grey? Yuk.

littlerach Sun 13-Jun-10 11:16:18

My friend has used a hint of cornflower - either crown r dulux and it looks lovely. Very pale, grey/pale blue depending on th elight.

FabIsGettingFit Sun 13-Jun-10 13:37:15

I don't tend to hang out in the hallway much so the colour I think we will have will be fine. Will hide the finger marks so it is worth it just for that.

jellybeans Sun 13-Jun-10 13:41:10

What about beige or pale chocloate milkshake colour? I'm thinking about that as fed up of fingerprints etc. It's just the light that makes me think not to go too dark.

FabIsGettingFit Sun 13-Jun-10 15:58:24

Beige - no way.

The one I like is a chocolate milkshake colour.

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