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Rated anyone used?

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Fayrazzled Fri 04-Jun-10 12:29:57

Has anyone used this website? I'm thinking of posting on there: I want my small front garden re-doing (i.e. turf lifting and something, I don't know what) doing with it to make it pretty. It's only small and I just don't think landscape architects/ big gardening firms are going to be interested. I also need a small bit of fencing and a new gate.

But will I be hounded by phone for months to come by every Tom, Dick and Harry who might be interested in doing it?

Has anyone used the site and been impressed, or I guess more importantly, had a cowboy?

many thanks

noddyholder Fri 04-Jun-10 12:30:58

I've used it a lot and its great

Fayrazzled Fri 04-Jun-10 13:24:31

Thanks noddy. I've posted on it. Fingers crossed. smile. It's a cracking diea so I hope it works for me.

SylvanianFamily Fri 04-Jun-10 13:36:35

I used I felt a bit 'put on the spot' to be rung by people. I preferred to be messaged, then be able to browse feedbacks/profiles at leisure & ask some questions by email to build up a rapport before actually meeting the 'shortlist'. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to saying 'no thanks' to someone who's taken time out to come and see me.

noddyholder Fri 04-Jun-10 14:24:56

have used them too and agree its hard to say no but I am used to it now!

shopaholick Sat 18-Feb-12 23:36:30

I was going to use ratedpeople until a friend of mine told me they don't actually list any trades on their site, her view was they ask for your details so they can sell them to to trades.
Does anyone know if this is what ratedpeople do or not. I don't want my details sold.
I've had a look at their site and she is right, you can't find any trades on there.

threeleftfeet Sun 19-Feb-12 00:19:56

I also used and I would definitely recommend it.

nappymaestro Sun 19-Feb-12 01:13:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jeanjeannie Sun 19-Feb-12 09:31:34

From a tradesperson's point of view - all ratedpeople and mybuilder do is send you out a load of texts when there is someone in your area who wants something doing. The tradesperson then has to pay to access the details - so all they are doing is contacting anyone in that trade who is prepared to pay upfront to get your details to contact you.

We know a few builders Lots (angry) who've faked their ratings and we don't use it for our business. DH was in the Guild of Mastercraftsmen and all they ever needed was three recommendations before being accepted and he saw some very dubious 'craftsmanship' and left. Not sure if mybuilder and ratedpeople are anymore rigorous in their checks - not sure if they really can be.

So it's good if you want loads of tradesman to quote for a job - but the reason they're pushy is they've already paid to get your details and are now in competition with anyone else who has paid too. One critisism I've heard from clients when they've used these sites is that many of those quoting, quote stupidly low prices just to get the job and then - price goes up as soon as they start. but to be fair that can happen anyway.

NonPlused Thu 16-Jun-16 13:22:49

Just tried Rated People.
Not a good experience (See the recent Gaurdian article)
Only one trades person replied. I was hounded by them and rated people to accept the offer - but I was waiting for the 3 quotes promised.
Contrary to the information on the webb site, I could find no way to cancel the job.
I would not use them again.

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