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Anybody live in or nearby Shere, Surrey? Positive feedback gratefully received!

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wilkos Mon 24-May-10 17:37:05

Am worrying its full of daft elderly people...there were MANY milling about when we visited on sat...


LadyPeterWimsey Mon 24-May-10 17:39:51

It's a bit of a tourist destination so the daft elderly people may not have been locals. grin

My impression (from a little way down the road) is that it is fairly upmarket and commutery but pretty.

They filmed that rubbish film The Holiday there. Not really relevant but I thought I'd share...

wilkos Mon 24-May-10 17:42:50

thats what I'm hoping... [GRIN]

wilkos Mon 24-May-10 17:43:18

or perhaps grin

LadyPeterWimsey Mon 24-May-10 17:44:44

Are you moving there?

ReshapeWhileDamp Mon 24-May-10 18:13:55

It's a beautiful village, but even if I could afford to live there (never!) I wouldn't want to - when I lived in Surrey as a child, Shere was where we went on bank holidays to enjoy the tea rooms, ooh at the timbered houses, etc. The locals must hate it!

I agree with LPW, the daft old people were probably bussed in. grin

Livingbytheriver Mon 24-May-10 19:59:31

Really nice little village and lovely surroundings but still nice and close to good shops (and a fantastic farm shop just up the road). Seem to remember there is a really nice nursery nearby too all good but definitely think the oldies will have been bussed in friend (not old) once made me drive through that way when she was visiting because she wanted to see! It was a bit busy!

wilkos Mon 24-May-10 20:02:23

Yes I am LPW, mid July if all goes well
not buying though - renting. we're not made of money!

deste Mon 24-May-10 20:06:18

When I go down to my DD in Guildford we always take a trip through to Shere. I just love it.

wilkos Mon 24-May-10 23:08:50

oh dear. we will be living on the main drag through the middle of the village.

however, dh will be away in the week though so having people around will be good

I am just terrified of being the ONLY mother of young children for miles around with no little friends nearby for dd to play with sad

and this was all my idea too...aaaahhh!!!

Ewe Mon 24-May-10 23:17:43

I assume you drive so can pop into Cranleigh and Guildford easily enough.

I spent a fair amount of time there as a teen (my best mate worked in one of the pubs) and it did tend to be older families as opposed to people with very young children but you'll be fine, plenty going on in surrounding villages. They have an infant school don't they so those children must live close-ish?

snowlady Tue 25-May-10 09:51:06

Don't know the village that well but it is surrounded by beautiful countryside. I think it has a primary school so must be families about. There are also a few prep schools not too far away. Abinger stream nearby is a lovely place to take children on a summers day. You can enjoy living in the country but having easy access to guildford for shopping etc.
Drawbacks - rail connections not that good and not that far from a large landfill site. (probably can't smell it in shere itself as it is a mile or two away)

LadyPeterWimsey Tue 25-May-10 14:16:51

I'm sure there'll be some other children! There's a lot going on for children in Cranleigh and Guildford.

The traffic through Shere is terrible but it does look very pretty, and the countryside is lovely.

wilkos Tue 25-May-10 17:20:47


don't remember estate agent mentioning that!

thanks for all your replies. I think we are making the right decision, dh and i have gone through a horrendous time recently and moving is part of DH's reparations for being a total git. a new start and all that. looking forward to it!

cranbury Tue 25-May-10 21:44:01

We are thinking of moving to the area with a 3 and 1 year old so you are not alone!

wilkos Tue 25-May-10 22:21:25

hurry up and move cranbury, we can be in it together grin

cranbury Wed 26-May-10 13:42:41

Got to find a house first though - renting would be so much easier, at least you can run if it is full of old dears.

ecallaghan Wed 26-Apr-17 15:23:23

We've lived in nearby Gomshall for the last 10 years and can honestly say its an amazing place to bring up a family. We have a very diverse demographic in a fabulous location. Both our children have been educated to an outstanding level at Shere Infant and Nursery School with enviable academic results. The school is staffed by a very experienced team and a set of Governors who have their fingers on the pulse of the local community and the need for a provision of excellent education to all children regardless of their backgrounds.
The Surrey Hills are beautiful yes, and their are traffic issues in Shere at times, that said its not full of elderly, it's a very mixed community.

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