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I've decided I want to move to WINCHESTER

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000Laura000 Mon 24-May-10 13:28:14

Never been there of course but it sounds nice. For quite a while I've wanted to move out of London.

I've got these fantasies in my head about children playing in the street safely away from speeding cars. Neighbours going to each others' barbecues or chatting in the front garden while the children play. Lovely state schools within walking or cycling distance. (Forget about fee paying schools, that's not for me). Maybe a few interesting shops. Nice countryside nearby. Things for boys to do!

I want a Ladybird book, but with some of the good bits of the 21st century.

1) Is Winchester going to provide me with something similar to this?

2) If it is, where in Winchester should I move to?

All information gratefully received. Anything will be useful. Once I've got your advice, I'll pop down next weekend and sort everything out. (Anyone selling property near a good school give me a shout).



Coderooo Mon 24-May-10 13:28:53

winch is countryside with £££ and a strong london influcence which is good for restrauants etc but shit for house prices

Meglet Mon 24-May-10 13:36:43

everyone wants to live in winchester. Its lovely.

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 24-May-10 13:38:03

Winchester is full to the brim of people with exactly the same fantasies as you Laura, so hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

Its a pretty market town, lovely Cathedral, pedestrianised High Street with a scattering of medieval buildings, full of socially-aspirational middle class white people. If that floats your boat and you have London prices type money for housing then go for it.

If you have a search on the archives on here you will find lots of chatter about Winchester schools.

60 minutes from Winchester to Waterloo on the train so you have to factor in the further commutes each end. Unless you are going to work there. Or not at all grin.

hope you got oodles of cash - not London prices but not far off.few students around but a lovely (small) city.everything gets a lot cheaper a few miles out (ie where we aresmile).

Coderooo Mon 24-May-10 13:39:28

a smattering of yellow cords
usual market town poverty and petty crime

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 24-May-10 13:47:23

Quite a lot of women wear headscarves (like the Queen) and carry proper baskets for their shopping.

Loads of labradors, hunter wellies, land rovers, morris dancers, mime artists. Its like Covent Garden, 90% tourists in the summer, but no black people.

Meglet Mon 24-May-10 13:55:58

....and a nice new waitrose.

000Laura000 Mon 24-May-10 14:04:01

LOVING the sound of it!?! (Headscarves! That's very Ladybird book.)

Sounds like I will need to sell my flat for maximum sponds.

What about nicest residential area for young families? Weeke? Other?

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 24-May-10 14:08:12

The nice new Waitrose is in Weeke.

We had a lovely house on the Teg Downe Estate (1950s/60s) backing on to woods/fields and a golf course. The primary school was great back then but we are talking 40 years ago!

lucysmum Mon 24-May-10 14:08:38

there was a thread in education all about Winchester a while back which may be good reading

tiredemma Mon 24-May-10 14:09:49

Is it still full of squaddie recruits???

steamedtreaclesponge Mon 24-May-10 14:10:15

I'm from Winchester! It is lovely, for the most part.

Bereweeke, bits of Weeke, Teg Down all within 20 mins walking distance from schools, town centre, railway station and (most importantly) Waitrose!

Go for Chilbolton Avenue or Bereweeke Road if you want a mansion, or Littleton if you fancy something a bit more villagy (it's where Nick Clegg's brother lives!)

The High Street has got rather more poncey in the last few years and now has Jigsaw, Cath Kidston, Joules, Jack Wills etc etc.

scaryteacher Mon 24-May-10 15:26:35

I used to live in Bereweeke Road in Wyke Lodge when I boarded at Peter Symonds. I hear it's offices now. Great place to live.

000Laura000 Mon 24-May-10 17:33:39

Thanks for your advice(s). I'm moving!

000Laura000 Mon 24-May-10 19:36:35

totally shameless bump

cranbury Tue 25-May-10 21:50:25

We thought about it, you can read my Winchester school thread. Went for a couple of vists and decided I would die of boredom but I am a Londonder born and bred. Now looking at "semi rural" Home Counties as can still get to London quickly and cheaply plus a big town nearby - Winchester may only be an hour away on the train but check out the cost of tickets.

Everybody wants to move there from West London and hardly any property on the market.

We went to the Ask Pizza on the High St we got the last table at 12.15 on a Sunday, not much choice...

000Laura000 Wed 26-May-10 10:43:26

I too am a Londoner born and bred. Grew up and went to school in Camden Town, now living in Haringey, working in Soho Square. But I think it's time for a change.

I'm going for a visit to Winchester next week. I realise it's very, very small!

Fast train only ONE HOUR to Waterloo and one of the most fantastic areas of London - the South Bank. Fairly easy to do a day out in London by train from Winchester IMHO.

It probably just all comes down to money as per bl**dy usual.

I think I read your previous thread - will read it again - thanks a lot.

It's a big decision.


cranbury Wed 26-May-10 13:21:16

Its only an hour commute but trains meant to be very full and you may have to stand for an hour. Plus family of 4 day trip to London add £50 for the train fare!

Haringey to Winchester is quite a move - good luck.

000Laura000 Wed 26-May-10 14:39:03

Thanks. Haven't actually been to Winchester yet, so it's early days!

tiredfeet Thu 27-May-10 20:23:45

I do like Winchester, and love how easy it is to get to london, and its great as most places are within walking distance. But it is very polluted in my opinion, I got fed up of choking on traffic fumes as I walked around the city, so we've moved out to a village in the countryside now. But yes there's lots thats good about it, lots going on there. And if people would just stop driving everywhere it would be a fantastic place to live.

1mrsb Sun 21-Jul-13 16:52:27

Bibbitybobbityhat; re: your post. Why do you add that there are no black people ? I'm not sure what that has to do with it. Btw my partner and I are black doctors living in Winchester so you are wrong !

vj32 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:40:31

I had friends living in Winchester who commuted and they said only way to get a seat on a London train was to pay for first class season ticket - no standard seats ever at peak times.

I live near but not in Winchester. It is lovely but so expensive there is a massive massive disparity between rich and poor and not a lot in between because you have to be loaded or in social housing to afford to live there. eg At the children's centre/pre-school you get some women discussing their latest nanny and others talking about their community fund application because their fridge exploded and they can't afford another one. Its not bad at all... just a bit wierd.

Flossiechops Sun 21-Jul-13 20:01:58

I doubt she will answer as the thread is 3 years old!!

LondonLady2014 Thu 15-Jan-15 19:09:28


I know this is an old thread but it came up first on google so I'm bumping it....

We are researching Winchester too. My mum and sister live there so we know it quite well already.

Fulflood is the area popular with commuters as it has Edwardian houses and is close to the station.

Hyde has become more popular in recent years. Not too far from station either.

St cross is the posh area because it is near the water meadows (countryside walks) and the cathedral side of the city. Long walk to the station...

Properties near the cathedral are tiny and very pricey but that part of the city is beautiful and very central.

Up and coming area is highcliffe. Edwardian and victorian properties, a Michelin star restaurant, close to water meadows and st Giles hill and houses£100k cheaper than fulflood. Primary school is speedily improving and was last judged "good" by ofsted.... A long walk to the station though.

Yummy mummys moving from London will find comfort in the hambledon boutique, the new River Cottage (gorgeous building) and Rick Stein restaurants and the fact that many more restaurants are opening up every week!

I think Winchester is getting posher and posher! It is the perfect place for Londoners "moving out".... For us it's a toss up between there and Bath...both lovely but Winchester wins on the commute!

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