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What's Petts Wood like for kids (6 and 8)?

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ChildOfThe70s Thu 20-May-10 14:32:33

We've seen a place we like in Petts Wood, seems like a nice area, good schools, easy commute for DH etc. But am wondering if there is much to do there for the DCs? Are there playgrounds / places they can ride their bikes etc? Any advice and pros or cons gratefully received!

ChildOfThe70s Thu 20-May-10 18:04:24


JimmyMcNulty Thu 20-May-10 20:32:24

How old are your children? A few playgrounds scattered around. Lots of woods/parks for bike riding. Great for small children (zillions of toddler groups etc) - can't help you on older ones as my oldest is not yet 4. Check catchment areas for secondary schools as the most expensive part of Petts Wood is in the catchment for a school that people seem keen to avoid (Priory) - though of course once somewhere gets a reputation it sometimes sticks even when no longer true!

JimmyMcNulty Thu 20-May-10 20:34:13

OOps just noticed their ages are in the title blush

maxpower Thu 20-May-10 20:40:35

I would say it's ok. There are plenty of open spaces in the area and (don't know where you're thinking of moving from) but it's very easy to get into London and the Kent countryside from there. Bluewater shopping centre & big cinema are about 20 mins drive away. Leisure centres in Orpington (about 5 mins drive) and Bromley (about 10 mins drive). Very good primary schools in the area. Depending on where in Petts Wood you're thinking of, The Priory isn't the only secondary option.

ChildOfThe70s Fri 21-May-10 13:48:53

Thanks for replying - we are moving from Central London, so I am used to having lots of parks, playgrounds etc around and don't know where to start looking in Petts Wood! The map shows lots of wooded areas - are there cycle routes, kids recreation areas etc in the woods?

maxpower Fri 21-May-10 19:02:55

There's Jubilee Country Park very near by and it's within reach of the green chain walk. There are playgrounds dotted around the borough. Can't say I know for sure about cycle paths (not really my thing!) Look on the LB Bromley website, that'll probably tell you.

JimmyMcNulty Fri 21-May-10 19:12:05

Have a look around here for more info on parks in the area. Petts Wood is mostly BR5.

beautifulgirls Sat 22-May-10 22:13:28

Petts Wood is lovely as an area to live - I grew up on the outskirts of it. It is very close to lots of places to go - Petts Wood woodland is huge though bikes not allowed I don't think, but lots of walking in there. There is a recreation ground in Petts Wood itself and various others dotted around the region. Scadbury Park is close by and plenty of shopping for families and clubs (eg guides/scouts etc). I can't tell you much about the current schools though there are some very good schools by reputation such as St James, Darrick Wood Juniors, Crofton School for primary, and there are good secondary schools, some selective such as Newstead Woods for girls. If private schooling is your thing then there is Bromley High for girls and Bickley Park for boys (amongst a few if you want to look a little further out)
Personally I would recommend the area to you.

ChildOfThe70s Sun 23-May-10 15:00:45

Thanks everyone, and thanks for the link Jimmy, will have a good look at the website. I'd looked at the Bromley website before but somehow never found those pages!

We have been looking at Farringtons school in Chislehurst which seemed lovely, although this would be our first foray into independent education - not an option where we are now. Only downside from my point of view would be having to drive the DCs to school ..

vosk Fri 27-Oct-17 09:52:11

Hi! I am completely new to the area, we found a nice house on Whitebeam Avenue and thinking if it is worth it. I am looking to give my son to St James RC Primary as he will be 4 and will join reception 2018. Can you give any feedback on Whitebeam avenue area and also if I will be in the catchment of St James School?
many thanks

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