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Bi fold doors

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Workieticket Mon 17-May-10 14:40:59

Please talk to me about these....has anyone installed them & wished they'd spent more or vice versa??? Or anyone who can recommend companies?
Thank you!

GrendelsMum Mon 17-May-10 17:24:08

We haven't got very far with it yet, but we're currently contemplating these ones:

particularly as DH used to live in Germany and is very keen on the 'tilt' function that windows have there for security / child safety.

MrsAlwaysRight Mon 17-May-10 17:57:36

We had some installed last year in our new kitchen extension. Chose Aluminium doors as require little maintenance. They are about 3 metres wide and cost about 5k. Wooden ones are a bit cheaper but neither of us can be relied on to paint/treat them regularly!

They are made by a company called Sunflex and we used a company called Folding Future for installation.

Haven't really had chance to use them much yet as build only finished approx 2 months ago but am pleased with quality so far. HTH.

Alouiseg Mon 17-May-10 18:02:52

Thanks for that, i'm looking to have these in the orangery thats being put in this year.

You've saved me some research grin

NormaSnorks Mon 17-May-10 18:14:05

We're using a company called Rationel who I think are Scandinavian. DH has researched a few, and thinks these are really good - they are aluminium-coated wood.

We opted NOT to go for UPVC as
a) UPVC frames are much wider(less strong, so need more plastic to suport the glass) and therefore let less light in
b) UPVC is also more likely to buckle/warp under the weight of the glass (and we've had problems with UPVC french windows with this in the past).

We didn't go for wood, as we're also too lazy busy to maintain it, so these seemed like a good compromise.

DH went to see some, and was impressed.

MommaDude Wed 26-May-10 10:03:30

REally?! WE love our uPVC bifold doors! WE bought them off and DH installed them himself (he was soooo in his "man element") There were very reasonably priced and arrived really quickly. I think they look great, and they definitely clean really easily. After the last crayon incident, I just scrubbed with a little soap and water and they came clean as new

rossi57 Wed 20-Jan-16 19:46:41

Does anyone has any knowledge of Folding Future, Sunflex, Chase Window Co and ID systems? Have you dealt with any of these and how would you rate the customer service, sliding doors/windows quality and any issues with installation, quotes or performance in particular few years down the line. Please update here anything that may help us as we are looking into sunflex sliding doors, glass and top hung windows. thanks

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 22-Jan-16 14:14:18

We used Folding Future to supply and fit a Sunflex bi fold door in 2009. Last year the handle/locking was sticking slightly. I contacted them to get some advice not sure what level of help to expect as it was several years after having them fitted. Within 2 or 3 days they were on site and rectified the problem. I was really pleased that they came out after all that time particularly as they are not local to us. No charge for it either.

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