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removals reccomendations....

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controlfreakery Sat 15-May-10 23:01:59

help please! anyone had good experiences of removal firms in north london area? Only moving round corner (we hope) but want someone to pack everything / be efficient and reliable and not a rip off....
all / any suggestions v gratefully received.

controlfreakery Mon 17-May-10 18:45:45

pretty please?

emsyj Mon 17-May-10 20:36:14

We used Pickfords last time we moved, having suffered at the hands of a crap two-bit company the time before. They are much more competitive price-wise than they used to be and they will pack for you for minimal extra charge. We didn't use that service but some friends of ours did and said it was great and worth the little bit extra.
Worth knowing that their quotes are totally negotiable and if you just sort of grimace a bit and say it's expensive they will knock a load off right away. You can definitely haggle with them, which I was surprised at given that they're a big company. I think given the current property market they are having to be a lot more competitive. Our quote for moving back from London to the north west was about £300 lower than the quote we'd got to move the other way 3 years earlier and they knocked £120 off it when we said it was a bit more than we'd expected. I'm sure we could have played hardball and got it for less. Also if you move on a cheaper day (e.g. Tuesday I think we moved, as it was the cheapest) you'll have more bargaining power.

twolittledarlings Mon 17-May-10 21:45:58

We will be moving next week and my estate agent (the owner) recommended me the company he used last month when he moved.
The company is called Pegler Removals. If its good enough for the owner to use, it must be good. I live in Wanstead - East London but they deal all over.

They are a company and not an individual and their website is

I got Pickfords in to quote and they said £1200-1400 (no packing, just moving). When they eventually sent me the email. It totalled £1800. Said it was a 2 day job even though we are only moving 2 roads down. I even declutted and moved at least 3/5 of everything already into storage.

Got Peglers in and one of the sons that owns the company came and quoted me £650. A one day job with 4 men. His direct no. is 07774 689642 and his name is Michael Pegler. I told him my estate agent Pettysons recommended him to me. No a bad quote.
Will let you know how it goes next week but he was great and very reassuring.

Saved 2/3 of Pickfords price.

controlfreakery Mon 07-Jun-10 09:48:01

can i ask how it went tld?

biscuitsandbandages Mon 07-Jun-10 11:23:16

Rogers Removals very good - we used them 3 years ago and will do again.

controlfreakery Mon 07-Jun-10 14:17:21

ta v much... they're coming round to give me a quote...

Wilson00 Wed 21-Oct-15 13:44:58

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