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Wickes heritage grey kitchen - what colours go with it ?

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loueyt Tue 11-May-10 21:34:45

Desperate plea to anyone out there who has the Wickes heritage grey kitchen or a similar grey painted kitchen. I am trying to work out what colours will go with it in terms of wall colours and blinds etc.

Units will be part of a largish family room with dining and kids sofa area with four windows so looking for something which will be not too pricey for all windows.

I have poured over the paint colour charts but have no idea what I am doing. All thoughts gratefully received.


DecorHate Tue 11-May-10 23:14:06

Do you prefer neutrals or bright colours? I'm pretty sure I remember someone else here saying they were going to get that kitchen so they may be able to advise what worked for them...

Have you already got sofas & if so what colour are they?

I have similar colour cupboards in my bedroom and have painted the walls a sort of light stone colour. The paint I used has been discontinued but think F&B do something similar - will look it up tomorrow.

What sort of grey is it in RL? - a true grey or bluey grey or greeny grey??

wildstrawberryplace Tue 11-May-10 23:22:30

We have a grey kitchen, with v. dark wood doors on cupboards, we have bright white walls and teal/duck egg blinds and lots of teal stuff, it goes well.

If you like brights, red, crimson and dark pink also look really good with grey.

Pale yellows also go very well and would be more neutral.

teta Wed 12-May-10 08:44:44

Apparently it is French Grey by F&B if that helps!

stopthelights Wed 12-May-10 09:39:29

I have just had this kitchen fitted. It looks beautiful. Everyone who has seen it comments on the lovely colour of the units.

I painted the walls off white (Timeless by Dulux). The floor and worktops are oak and I have a red dresser. Curtains are neutral (hessian type colour) but I have a brightly coloured rug which picks up the green-grey colour of the units and the red of the dresser.

I love the kitchen. It's fab and makes me smile every morning grin

LadyThompson Wed 12-May-10 12:59:55

Ooh, will be watching this with interest. Hobnob has already had one fitted <HOBNOB! Come 'ere> and I am about to have one put in.

It's a sort of greyish green, more than a regular grey, wouldn't you say OP?

Stopthelights - that sounds nice. I was thinking of a sort of a cream or off-white - am also getting oak worktops but the floor tiles will be slate. It's a very very dingy kitchen with beams so I need it to be a very pale colour I think.

fipow Wed 12-May-10 13:05:22

Ooh I'll be watching this too! Having a kitchen extension built at the moment, and have ordered the Heritage Grey kitchen. It should be fitted sometime in June.

We're having oak wooden flooring, which will be stained quite dark. We're having a stainless steel range cooker, and some stainless steel pendant lights, so it'll look somewhat contemporary. For the wall colour, we've been considering a very pale grey colour. (possibly Sanderson's "Crystal Grey").

loueyt Wed 12-May-10 20:45:17

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. We are planning black granite worktops and oak floor. As of yet we dont have anything else in place so sofa, blinds etc all need to be purchased.

The colour of the units is greeny grey and it seems to suit quite strong colours so have been considering slate type grey with possibly shocking pink ? but not too sure if thia is a bit too much.

I am trying to get a modern feel to the room as will be main family area and play area for two DSs as well.

101damnations Wed 12-May-10 22:39:22

I've got this with dark granite style worktops,black range and chimney and black fridge.The walls are F&b Lime White,and my decorator said it was the perfect shade.Am making a blind out of sage green,cream and raspberry striped fabric,which adds a nice splash of colour.

hobnob Sat 15-May-10 00:19:14

Hello loueyt (and LadyT!)

We have painted our walls in 'subtle ivory 3' by Dulux, which is perfect - and believe me we agonised before we alighted on it. It looks particularly fresh as we have lots of light in our new kitchen (did I happen to mention that we have a new kitchen, everyone?). We also have oak worktops (the butcher's block sort fom Barncrest, who were recommended by a fellow-MNetter)and bamboo flooring.

The trouble is, I am rather nervous of my new kitchen because it's so pristine. We haven't properly 'moved in' yet as there are a couple of bits and bobs still to be done (under-counter lights, for example). But by the end of Tuesday, apparently, we'll be ready to roll! Good luck with yours, loueyt.

BudaisintheZONE Mon 17-May-10 10:49:20

Interesting thread! We bought a new house and will be redoing kitchen when we move back to UK and I like the Wickes one. Will be looking at all the colour suggestions!

Our kitchen is likely to be a bit lacking in light so will be looking for paler shades I think.

Anyone who has had theirs done could put some photos up!!

carpwidow Sat 06-Aug-11 10:33:36

Thanks 101 damnations - have been looking at much lighter colours, but none of them seemed right - would never have considered F &B lime white, but now I have tested it, it is perfect!

Conchita Sat 06-Aug-11 15:27:25

we have this kitchen and we've white metro tiles and a taupey paint, think it was toasted almond by crown, and it just gives a hint of warmth to the scheme. Also looking for a accent colour to set it off. Have put a purple orchid in the kitchen and that looks good so thinking of getting some bright purple/aubergine accesories.

Mandy21 Mon 08-Aug-11 20:17:44

My kitchen isn't the Wickes one but it's exactly the same colour (F&B French Gray) and I've also gone with cream / off White on the Walls (Dulux Kitchen & bathroom paint in Natural Calico). I've got black granite worktops and roman blinds on 2 big windows in a cream / raspberry / pale green stripe (Clarke & Clarke deckchair stripe fabric in Sage). I'm really pleased with how it's come together.

1975bloom Sun 28-Jun-15 09:44:35

I love to paint my kitchen to look like Wickes Tiverton Sage green/Heritage Sage Green. Can anyone please tell me which Farrow & Ball or Little Green paint best match it?

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