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Primary schools in Woodford and South Woodford

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ibird Wed 05-May-10 18:59:49

Hello mums - please helpppppppp!!!
I have a 7 month old and currently living in Newham. Having had a dreadful experience in Newham General Hospital we have decided to move out of here and we are currently looking for a property in South Woodford/Woodford area. I have heard that there are excellent state schools there + houses are more affordable than in other parts of London. For the past 2 weeks I have been looking at houses in areas near good schools and my problem is that there are more houses available in Woodford Green, but the schools in South Woodford seems better (at least according to Ofsted). Is this correct?
Ray Lodge and Wells primaries are the nearest to the houses we have been looking at, but they have mixed reports. Does anyone know anything about these schools or any others in Woodford? Also, is the area safe and family friendly? Any info would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance


stressed2007 Wed 05-May-10 19:33:36

used to come from the area. Woodford Green "posher" then south woodford but both v nice and better then newham I expect.

stressed2007 Wed 05-May-10 19:36:32

You may get more luck asking on the "local" site on here for the area which is probbaly Redbridge. Do you know how to do this?

stressed2007 Wed 05-May-10 19:38:09

also try the noticeboard on for the correct area and ask your question - also probably redbridge (at least for south woodford it would be)

twolittledarlings Wed 05-May-10 20:51:50

I live in Wanstead which is next door to South Woodford. I know that there is a Nightgale School in South Woodford and also, there is St Anthony's Roman Catholic school in Woodford Green/South Woodford. Both the areas are nice. Woodford Green slightly nicer as there is Trinity School (Secondary) and Woodford County High (Grammar for Girls -Secondary) based there. Both are very over subscribed.

Wanstead is also very very nice though house prices are quite high. We have 3 schools in Wanstead. My girls go to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary school. There is Wanstead Church School - (Primary Church of England) and also Snarebrook Primary (very small school). All of these are over scribed and all have a very good ofsted rating. You have to be in the catchment area and if going to church schools, you need to attend church every Sunday. There is also a private primary school in Wanstead called St Josephs school for Girls.

I know that there is a school called Churchfields - (primary) in South Woodford. I think that is quite good too.

Your best bet is to look at the Government Redbridge website under education where it should show all the schools in Redbridge, the catchment areas for them all and info about the schools or once you have found the names of the schools in the area you want, just look up their website for more school info. Then look at their league tables for the past few years to get an inkling into which school performed well.

I was born and bred in Forest Gate but my sister went to St Josephs over 35 years ago so we know Wanstead really well. We were planning to move to Woodford Green for Trinity but or now in the process of buying a bigger house in Wanstead as plan to send our girls to either Ursuline in Ilford (secondary catholic) or if doing the 11+ then it will be Woodford County High.

Lots of parents here in Wanstead especially with boys are moving to Woodford Green for Trinity. Luckily if have girls, the feeder school after Our Lady of Lourdes is the Ursuline in Ilford which is supposed to be very good too.

ReneeD Tue 22-Jun-10 23:06:26

Hello there.

I too live in Newham and would very much love to move to the Woodford area in the not too distant future.

Our 6 year old went to a nursery in South Woodford and we applied there for a primary school too. We were lucky to get one of our choices of school and she now attends Oakdale in South Woodford which she loves. We are not in the catchment area, living in Newham, but some children there come from Waltham Forest too, also out of catchment. You can apply for schools in other Boroughs not just your own but the schools are generally over-subscribed, especially the faith schools. South Woodford is a bit of a trek to get to twice daily but we certainly feel that it's worth it!


efthimia Wed 10-Nov-10 11:16:08

hi churchfields is a great school although can be very competetive with mums and very clicky but dont let that put u off.

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