Bristol mumsnetters? Best places to live within 30min commute of Bristol

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Thandeka Mon 03-May-10 09:15:05

Hopefully if DH gets a job we will be relocating soon. Have family in street Glastonbury area so ideally would like to be below Bristol so we can visit them easily too. Any suggestions for areas? We have a 250kish budget and looking for a 3/4 bed house. We have a 12 week old DD so an area with decent primaries might be nice but isn't essential as that's ages away.

Also what is it like for mums? As I will be mostly sahm as will have to give up my London based contracts (am freelance consultant) and in current economic climate little prospect of picking up new ones. Bit scared about being lonely and making new friends as I know no-one in the area.

Any Bristol based mumsnetters wanna be my friend!?

mintyfresh Mon 03-May-10 14:31:40

Hi Thandeka,
I live north of Bristol now but used to live south! We were south of the Keynsham area where there are some nice villages, Marksbury, Farrington Gurney, Temple Cloud, Clutton... They are all commutable to Bristol. Did you want to be outskirts of Bristol or more rural??

Thandeka Mon 03-May-10 17:20:53

Not too fussed really. I like rural but then going from London life maybe outskirts would be better. Hmmmmm!

fruitstick Mon 03-May-10 19:48:47

Have no idea about Bristol (sorry) but I moved to a new area with a very new baby.

I joined the NCT and got a volunteer post. It means you have something to talk about with other Mums (and go to meetings) rather than hang around coffee mornings feeling lost [smile

Same goes for Mother and toddler groups. They are much better outside London but you have to be ready to talk to people. Kind of like your first week at college!

kitsmummy Tue 04-May-10 07:15:08

I live in South Bristol, only a couple of miles out of the city centre. Bristol is lovely, but hellish during rush hour. It could take me 30 minutes to do the 2 miles into the centre at rush hour, so if you're thinking half hour commute at rush hour, then you do need to be looking at Bristol itself, rather than neighbouring areas. Knowle in South Bristol is lovely (and the right side for visiting Glastonbury and Street - less than an hour's drive), has 1 great primary school (but you need to live v v close to it to get in) and has absolutely loads of young families living here, with a great toddler's group. It's also got quite a bohemian feel to it, if you're into that?
Pensford is about 20 mins out of Bristol (non-rush hour) and v nice, or Portishead about 30 mins (out of rush hour) which is v popular these days with a smart new marina development. Both the above have good primary schools I think (and you'll need to apply for them in 3 years time so you probably should move somewhere now with a good school - Bristol has a shortage of good primaries so you'll need to be living catchment area at application time)

Thandeka Tue 04-May-10 08:37:16

Some great tips thanks. Am so excited to be leaving scuzzy London, just have to hope he gets job!

abouttogiveup Tue 04-May-10 17:50:53

hi, would add that places like clevedon/nailsea/worle arent that far out from bristol & you may get more for your money. It all depends on where in Bristol your dh would be working - its a nightmare trying to get from 1 side to the other in rushhour!

queenclarion Tue 04-May-10 17:58:43

Nailsea/Backwell is a decent commute to Bristol (has a train station that goes to the centre) and there are good schools there. If you drive, it's better to go in early as the traffic can be terrible. Best to go early!

Also it's relatively near the M5 junction at Gordano.

Thandeka Tue 01-Jun-10 09:41:11

So DH had his interviews- just waiting to hear now. We had a good look round and think will have to be somewhere in Bristol due to the commute. Definitely south bristol so we can get to family easily. DH will be working near temple meads if he gets one of the jobs.

So Knowle is recommended? I thought Knowle west was dodgy? Is the east of it the good bit?

Any other bristol mnetters about with advice?

kitsmummy Tue 01-Jun-10 11:03:47

Ha ha, yes Knowle West is very dodgy, but Knowle itself is lovely. It has a great sense of community, much more so than Brislington (next to Knowle, I used to live there) and I've heard that there's more sense of community in Knowle than there is in Southville too (but that's also another nice part of South Bristol) Try this or this

Thandeka Tue 01-Jun-10 15:29:03

oooh we like them! Am sooo excited now. Just wish the firms would hurry up and tell DH whether he has the job or not!

QueenofWhatever Tue 01-Jun-10 20:00:09

Of course we want to be friends with you!

Commuter traffic to Bristol is exceptionally bad. Exactly where will your DH be working, as that will make a big difference? Temple Meads station is not in the town centre, it's about a 20 minute walk (or same by bus).

I lived in the Chew Valley for seven years and it took me an hour and a quarter each way - it's 14 miles. Portishead is also an hour or so.

If you have a £250k budget I'm afraid you are unlikely to get a 3/4 bed house in a nice area south of Bristol. Parts of Bristol, yes but not places like Southville etc.

Schools are a big issue in Bristol and have a big impact on house prices, not so much in North Somerset.

MNHubbie Tue 01-Jun-10 20:04:45

30mins you could add Chippenham or Malmsbury, Bath, Keynsham or any village along the A4/A420.

JimmyTarbuck Tue 01-Jun-10 20:16:50

I lived in Oldfield Park in Bath and commuted to Bristol for 10 years by train (Oldfield Park has its own station). Very quick and easy. My journey time door to door was shorter than people who actually lived in Bristol and drove into the centre. Oldfield Park has a cracking local shopping area and a good real ale pub and it's 20 mins walk into Bath city centre. Not sure how you feel about students, but some streets in the area are heavily populated by them. Same as Bristol, from that point of view.

Thandeka Tue 01-Jun-10 21:13:44

Some great tips thanks! We can up the budget if necessary - we just wanted to keep mortgage minimal so I can be off work with baby (and future babies) as long as possible. Think would rather pay a bit more to be in a nicer area (having lived in scuzzy areas of London for last 5 years!).

Will have a look at those areas thankyou- I guess we will probably have to move into rented accomodation first while we find our feet- which is a bit of a pain as will be two moves - gah!

Oh and want to avoid students as much as possible. me and DH know what we were like as students!

mandydownes Mon 30-Jan-12 23:51:22

Hello everyone. I appreciate this thread is now a couple of years old, but it's very relevant to us and I'm hoping you can help with some advice. We too are now considering a move to Bristol. Originally from the UK (Birmingham/London) we have been in Australia for 9 years, will be moving next year and keen to move to Bristol to be near family/friends but we've never lived there. Key priorities for us are good primary schools (have two boys, 3 and 2 another on the way) and good sense of community. We would have a budget of approx 350k for a 3-4 bed house... would really appreciate any advice, this is going to be a big move for us and I'm so excited/terrified/looking forward to making new friends!

MNHubbie Sat 31-Mar-12 14:50:21

Bath, Chippenham, Malmsbury or any of the villages along the M4/A4/A420 are all recommended. I don't know about the other compass points but there are plenty of options to the east of bristol.

ApuskiMcClusky Sat 31-Mar-12 15:38:19

Mandy, I'd strongly recommend doing a search of the Local Bristol MN board - go to advanced search and put on moving to Bristol, there are a lot of threads that will give you lots of ideas on areas. To be honest, the best area for you will depend so much on what kind of vibe you like.

Primary school places are much in demand, and for many of the most highly regarded of them, you have to live really close. Bristol council will be posting information on how close you had to be to get into reception in 2012 in a few weeks, once the school places come out - if you study this and the past couple of years, you'll be better placed to avoid buying in a black hole where you aren't close enough to any of the nearby schools to get in.

I decided to avoid all this and live in the South Gloucestershire side of Bristol where things are not as crazy on school places.

ApuskiMcClusky Sat 31-Mar-12 15:40:53

Ah, old thread.

Vickles Sat 31-Mar-12 15:44:20

We live in Cheltenham, and my husband commutes to Bristol for work.
We live in an area called Leckhampton.. and we are surrounded by brilliant primary schools and secondary schools. Leckhampton has the most amazing community - we only moved here in August last year, and are already deeply involved. We have 3 kids (7rs, 3yrs and 1yr). Our only regret is not moving here sooner!

IShouldJojo Fri 10-Jun-16 14:57:21

Hello! I have just come across this thread....I know it's a bit old...but did you make the move to Bristol in the end? This is SO weird...but I also am a freelancer in London, and have family in Street, so we're looking to move to South Bristol in the next couple of months. Where did you end up in the end? x

catslife Sat 11-Jun-16 19:28:20

Haven't moved from London but live in South Bristol and have relatives in Somerset if you would like to pm me please do so.
BTW The info here is very out of date especially with regard to school places.

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