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Timber Frame Kits? advice pls

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bounty007 Mon 19-Apr-10 15:49:25

Just bought a site with existing 2 storey property. Hoping to demolish & build using a timber frame kit. Any success stories and/or recommendations of where to buy a timber frame kit-looking at +200m sq

bounty007 Mon 19-Apr-10 21:14:38


jeanjeannie Tue 20-Apr-10 22:03:50

According to DP (builder and member of some timber framer guild thingy...grin) your best bet is to go to TRADA and start there.

You could also try the carpenter's fellowship who will know about timber framed houses.

The only 'kit' house I know are The Huf-haus company.


tootootired Tue 20-Apr-10 23:10:29

Not wanting to state the obvious but have you googled?

Potton are a well known kit house company
Solo Timber Engineering?

etc - there are dozens.

I have been involved in timber frame build in a previous job - you can get a great result but what it looks like will depend on your local planners and your own taste. Good luck!

Monty100 Tue 20-Apr-10 23:12:44

I've heard IKEA was going to do them.

Well, you did ask.

Thediaryofanobody Wed 21-Apr-10 10:26:04

PIL builder used Scotframe, it's a lovely bungalow and very large and sounds like it was fairly straight forward. Scotframe also came out once it was completed to give it the once over to say it was of good standard.

We are planning a self build and have spoken to a few companies the ones that we found got back to us pretty quick with clear info were Maple, Skye homes and Scotframe.

We are fairly undecided right now but thinking possibly going with a log cabin style.

bounty007 Wed 21-Apr-10 13:43:09

Thank you for your replies and suggestions. I have googled but never satisfied with whats on offer...
skye homes have a new country range so just looking at the brouchure today
like the solo timber tootootired
asny more success stories would be welcome!

Thediaryofanobody Wed 21-Apr-10 20:01:23

bounty I understand about not being satisfied with what's on offer, I don't want to do a self build then have it look like a house that could have been part of a massive new build development.

It all depends on what you want from a self build?
We're doing it because we want a detached house in a remote(ish) area with a lot of land.
Currently we are looking at log kit houses that clearly give prices for kit, what's included and the installation.
We found the timber frames mostly boring looking and expensive for what IMO is fairly run of the mill.

mandymay88 Thu 26-Oct-17 15:15:00

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