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Loft conversion: please tell me your dos and don'ts

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LeninGrad Wed 31-Mar-10 16:40:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BuggerFlip Thu 06-Jul-17 12:22:10

12 days??? I'm 9 weeks in and have probably another couple of weeks to go.

HairyAl Fri 21-Jul-17 10:58:47

We paid the deposit right at the end March, and work should finally be starting 8th August - did other people have shocking delays like this?...

MintJulip Fri 21-Jul-17 11:09:22

I have heard larger companies use loads of teams who are not actually employed by them and if a delay happens in one area, it slows the whole lot dowm. which company did you use?

HairyAl Fri 21-Jul-17 11:25:40

Central London Lofts. Think all the people are employed by the company, but I think they've taken on too much work to be honest - have seen the same guys moving round from place to place. Then the fitters are away for the next two weeks on holiday. I'm resisting sending my responses till I'm not so angry...

crisscrosscranky Fri 21-Jul-17 11:41:20

12 days! I'm 14 weeks in to a 3 bed/1 bath bungalow loft conversion with another 3-4 weeks to go!

KimKardashiansArse Fri 21-Jul-17 13:33:14

hairyal - That's nothing. I signed my contract with Econoloft at the end of December and they still haven't started yet!!! 7 MONTHS. When we signed they said it would be the end of March.

HairyAl Fri 21-Jul-17 13:47:01

Hi KimKardashiansArse - sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed they start soon with you...

KimKardashiansArse Fri 21-Jul-17 14:21:42

Good luck to you too Al!

user1498911589 Sat 22-Jul-17 15:19:29

Make sure that you have a large window - our loft is converted and we have a large window at the back which is several feet wide (it's four windows) and high so we can see out when we are sitting down. It's obviously changed the roof line a lot but because it's at the back we got planning permission. It's also vital for ventilation as loft rooms can get very hot.

Maeb Tue 25-Jul-17 13:29:55

If you are getting Velux windows buy the electric or solar powered ones as the rain sensor is an absolute must. We bought the manual ones and cannot leave the windows open, even when we are in the house, as when it rains the room gets soaked angry.

Make sure the en-suite is large enough.

R2G Sat 17-Feb-18 19:56:46

Did anyone have to lower their ceilings? What's that look like in the rooms below? Do you regret it?

Seth Mon 19-Feb-18 08:52:10


Very topical question! I am right in the middle of this at the moment. They had to lower 2 bedrooms' ceilings and saw the progress on Friday. No I wouldn't say the rooms look noticeably smaller or cramped st all. The ceiling now sits just above the which surprisingly doesn't look odd at all! They haven't plastered it yet but I can only imagine that will improve the look.

What I hadn't accounted for (as my focus and questions were all on the loft and not what would happen to the rest of the house) was how those 2 bedrooms beneath would look! They stripoff all the wallpaper, take the carpets up, rads off walls etc. However they do redecorate it all so I have faith that I can get it back to its former state!

Seth Mon 19-Feb-18 08:57:21

And no just to add.. the amount of extra space it has added upstairs is incredible . 2 decent sized bedrooms and a shower room. I don't think you would regret

flumpybear Tue 03-Apr-18 11:14:53

@runjumpclimbswim - just messaged you to ask about your loft extension as we're considering this company too. hope that's ok
thank you.

R2G Tue 19-Jun-18 00:28:05

Hi @seth are you finished now? We've just started. I'd love to see a picture of finished ceilings. The joists have just gone in and seems so low

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