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What do you do if you just CANT sell your house?

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lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 17:10:45

House has been on market since June 2009. Stupidly we turned down an offer we got on it shortly after and have had no offers since. The problem is that their is physically nothing more we can do to the house, it has been completely done up and everyone who views comments on how lovely it is. Main thing (and its a huge thing) wrong with it is their is no parking - we don't have a driveway and have to park on the street. All our neighbours have loads of cars which means the road is always rammed full of cars and parking is a nightmare.

We can't obviously do anything about this and I'm getting sick of feedback from the estate agent which is that people love the house but wont buy it because their isn't any parking (even though they view the house knowing this).

At the moment I just can't see us ever moving and have started thinking the only way left is to auction it off. Anyone done this or know anything about it? I assume we'd have to sell it a loss but to be honest this would be preferable to living in the house for the rest of my life.. We keep getting stuff through in the post from companies offering to buy our house but am sure I've read that most of these schemes are dodgy.... Only other thing I could think of was to do a part exchange on a new build but having looked into this we'd have to buy a more expensive house which we just can't afford to do.

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 17:12:00

seem to be unable to distinguish between their and there, sorry! blush

OrmRenewed Wed 17-Mar-10 17:12:53

We live in a similar road but we do have garage at the back of the property. Do you have rear access? Could you make a parking space there? Or is there somewhere nearby you could rent a garage or a space? Some people in our street do that.

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 17:15:32

no rear access and no garages to rent, situation really is hopeless in terms of parking. Could kick myself because even when we bought house I knew parking would be an issue. I completely understand why a family wouldn't want to buy a house with no parking which makes it worse. However we have priced the house to reflect this and I was hoping that other things in its favour ie large garden, spacious rooms, modern central heating etc would compensate for the parking problem but no.

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 17-Mar-10 17:15:32

We took ours off the market at the end of january. However we were in a slightly different position in that we were only after one house and it sold before we had anyone interested.
If you are not in a rush then I would wait a bit longer. It will happen. You only need one person who doesn't care about the parking to like it.
It is really disappointing when viewers seem interested but then don't go any further. Have a word with your estate agent and ask them not to send people to look if the parking is going to be an issue.

Good luck

expatinscotland Wed 17-Mar-10 17:17:44

Sorry, but I'd never buy a house with no off-street parking.

Could you perhaps rent it out?

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 17:20:57

and I wont ever make the same mistake again expat I can tell you. Because our house is very central and close to the town centre, station etc there are loads of roads in the centre of town with no parking, so our road isnt unique. We bought the house when we both commuted into London so it was great being able to walk to the station in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately other commuters also think the same and park in the street all day to walk to the station making the parking problem a zillion times worse!

Have thought of renting it but just want to get rid of the place, it is making me so depressed.

Lizzylou Wed 17-Mar-10 17:26:25

Lucy, don't dismiss the part exchange idea.
Builders are desperate to offload houses, it used to be that your house couldn't be more than 70% (or something) of the value of the newbuild, but I don't think it is anymore. YOu should look into it (we did it with this house and it made life a lot easier)

You could also advertise that you'd look at part exchange with your Estate Agents, that is a good way to chain build.

What sort of person would buy the house, is it a first time buyers or a family type house? If it is First time buyers, you could offer to pay legal fees?

lalalonglegs Wed 17-Mar-10 17:29:01

How about contacting council to see if they are considering a residents' parking scheme? That would stop commuters parking and mean the street was a lot clearer (am surprised there isn't one there already if you live in South East). If you could say that there was one on the way, it might mean buyers felt more comfortable.

Anyone who was selling in London and considering moving to your town wouldn't expect parking so does your agency have any sister branches within the capital that it could team up with to push to clients wanting to move out?

thighsmadeofcheddar Wed 17-Mar-10 17:32:48

Could you drop your front kerb and put parking across the front of your house? Where I live lots of people have done this.

Sorry for you, my neighbours have 7-8 cars between them in a tiny 3 bed house. It drives me crazy and I have a driveway!

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 17:39:28

thanks for useful suggestions. Did look into idea of front garden being turned into parking but council said no, it was 1cm out or something.

people in the street have been trying to get residents' parkings for years without success. The people we bought the house off 5 years ago lied and told us residents' parking was coming into force and naively I believed them without checking. They also told us that a planning application for houses to be built behind out garden had been rejected when actually it had been accepted. God I'm so naive.

will look into part exchange idea again, I actually think I'd move anywhere just to sell this house!

wannaBe Wed 17-Mar-10 17:42:08

oh it's hard.

We tried to sell when the market was saturated with houses and the local development up the road were offering free deposit/stamp duty/carpets etc and people were going there instead because they thought they were getting a better offer.

We had the house on the market for a year but in the end we had to concede defeat and take it off the market and resign ourselves to not moving (ds was due to start school later that year so didn't want to unsettle him part way through a reception year).

Our neighbours put their house on the market at the same time so they could emigrate, and it stayed on for 2.5 years. Eventually they had to give up the chance to move abroad (even though it had taken them five years to gain visas) sad and about then house prices started to come down. they did eventually sell, but for about 25% less than the asking price.

Tbh I think it depends on how badly you want, or need to move. I think there are circumstances that affect the saleability of a house that do pass, such as recession/huge amount of property on the market at the same time and a limited amount of buyers, but I also think that there are some houses that have a flaw that means it will be harder to sell them whenever you try.

Personally I wouldn't buy a house without off-road parking and I don't drive. Obviously people do buy these houses though, but I would say you need to be prepared to wait for longer than it would take to sell the average house.

Elibean Wed 17-Mar-10 17:55:47

I had the same thought as Lalalonglegs...then I saw your respose sad Its outrageous that the council won't provide residents' parking, what on earth is the reason they give?! I'd lobby for it, personally, if I lived in that street....but if you're hoping to move, I can see its not a long term solution you need right now.

What do others in the road do about parking?

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 18:01:34

wannabe, do you think you will put yours back on the market again soon?

elibean- the response the council gave us was that 100% per cent of residents living in the street had to be in favour of residents' parking before the council would consider this (many of the streets around us are residents' parking which makes it all the more frustrating) and there are about 4 households who refused to sign the petition (they have around 6 to 8 cars each and are obviously worried about where they'd park all their vehicles if residents' parking went ahead).

Elibean Wed 17-Mar-10 18:15:08

6-8 cars?! angry on your behalf. What a pain.

DecorHate Wed 17-Mar-10 18:24:44

Lucy, I live in a similar street. I feel your pain about the parking but tbh are you sure it is the real problem? Do houses on your street never sell? Obv no off-street parking is a drawback but plenty of people would be prepared to put up with that if they want to live in the town centre or close to the station. Maybe get a few more valuations done to make sure the price is right?

expatinscotland Wed 17-Mar-10 18:26:30

Can you drop the price?

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 18:30:55

yes maybe dropping the price even more will help, sigh. We have dropped price twice so not sure how much lower we can go but it might be the only way.

decorhate - I think in the 5 years we've lived in the street there have only been 2 other houses that have been up for sale, both eventually sold (and it took a long time) its the sort of street where people live forever, most people seem really happy living here, apart from me of course!

Eurostar Wed 17-Mar-10 18:36:39

Does the estate agent know what price you realistically will accept? Could be that people might be talking to EA about making lower offers and get told.."oh, no point, they already turned down xx..."

Other thing...your fellow residents are probably as annoyed about commuters parking as you are, can you get together and demand some residents' parking on the street? There are a lot of councils who put expensive residents' parking in places that don't need it but sounds like yours is an area that could actually benefit from it.

pinkstripes Wed 17-Mar-10 18:42:35

my house has also been up for sale since June 2009 , we have only had 2 viewers so far , our house is newly refurbished with a new extension but still no offers . like you we have dropped the price twice , its very frustrating isn't it .

OrmRenewed Wed 17-Mar-10 18:44:32

But resident parking only acheives so much. For a start it doesn't guarantee a space and it only stops other people parking there if it's properly patrolled. However it is better than nothing I guess.

lucysullivan Wed 17-Mar-10 18:53:17

I feel your pain pinkstripes, it is terribly depressing. I feel like my life is in limbo, am stuck living in a house I hate, in a street I hate and can't see any way out. Keep giving myself little pep talks ie I'm lucky to have somewhere decent to live, lucky to own my own home when others don't etc etc but it only works for so long. We want to move so that when I have next baby (due any day now) I don't have to worry about rushing back to work to pay huge mortgage, we want to get somewhere smaller and cheaper.

Eurostar Wed 17-Mar-10 19:00:03

As for "we buy your house" schemes being dodgy. Not necessarily. The problem is with the ones that promise to rent you back your house as many have found that after a year or so they end up getting turfed out. If a "quick sell" company buy your house cheap and you get the money, there's nothing dodgy about it, other than you might have got less money for it.

If you want to look at what stuff is selling at auction for round your way, this site is a good one to get links into auctions

pinkstripes Wed 17-Mar-10 19:45:56

"I feel like my life is in limbo" that is exactly what i said to my sister this morning , its horrible , cant make any plans for holidays just in case we get to move , life has been put on hold . I love my house but hate my area , as we have neighbours from hell . congratulations on the new baby smile at least this baby will take your mind off the house for a while .

expatinscotland Wed 17-Mar-10 19:55:58

Another person with neighbours from hell!


Why is this so common here?

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