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slimline vertical radiators - anybody have them?

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IlanaK Fri 05-Mar-10 21:04:30

We are completing on a new place in two weeks time. We have workmen coming in and one of the things we have decided to do is replace the standard radiators with vertical slimline ones to free up some wall space so we can place furniture.

Does anyone have these? I have only been looking online so wondering what other people think of them.


IlanaK Fri 05-Mar-10 22:24:30


EldonAve Fri 05-Mar-10 22:31:43

Don't have them but saw them in a house recently

They look a bit funny and you can't hang clothes on them but you may not need to

Elibean Sat 06-Mar-10 09:09:37

Yes, we have some in our new house - not living with them yet (doing extension before moving in), but they heat up fast, heat the rooms really well, and don't take up much space. We only have them downstairs in the sitting room atm - they are behind the doors so when the doors are open you don't really see them. But they still heat well.

I'm not used to the look of them, they were already there or might not have dared choose them - but now I've seen how effective they are, we're using them in the kitchen and extension: not much choice if we want any wall space, anyway!

Elibean Sat 06-Mar-10 09:10:19

Hadn't thought of the clothes drying bit (can tell we're not living there yet grin), but as we have a big airing cupboard, shouldn't be a problem.

cece Sat 06-Mar-10 09:40:25

I have them in my new extension and love them. In fact we are thinking of replacing some more with them.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 18:17:25

Does anyoen know if they have a higher BTU than the old fashioned column radiators?

We had a heating engineer round last week and I told him we wanted the column ones and he sucked his teeth saying they didnt give out engouh heat (we have very high ceilings). Just wondering if the taller ones are more efficient...

Elibean Sat 06-Mar-10 18:24:48

I think so - not sure, but do seem to remember by brother (he's an interior designer and project managing for us) saying something about it. I do'nt know if its because they're vertical/flat, or if its because they're new, but I was amazed at how small a surface area = such a high BTU.

There must be a website where you can check? Or would the manufacturers websites have that kind of info?

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 18:27:39

Thanks Elibean, yes I can do some research, but the BTU seems to vary, not just between styles but between manufacturers as well, which is a bit confusing...

Eeeew Sat 06-Mar-10 18:29:51

Heating engineer talking crap.

Ours is really powerful.

B&Q, £250. I wouldn't be without it.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 18:30:16

we've got some, i think they're great. they're vaguely old fashioned looking columny things, heat our big old rooms really well and stay tucked behind the door.

Eeeew Sat 06-Mar-10 18:30:20

And the B&Q radiator catalogue lists all the BTUs really clearly.

IlanaK Sat 06-Mar-10 19:18:17

The place we are moving into has really high ceilings (OVER 10FT). I found a website where you put in room dimensions, ceiling height, how warm you like the room etc and it tells you the BTU you need.

The BTU does vary enormously with the radiators I looked at. The ones I chose are double ones which have very high BTU. But for our hallway I chose one with very low BTU.

I love the tip of tucking them behind the doors - I will definitely remember that.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 19:36:14

we've got 14ft ceilings, they're fine there. big old victorian place, first thing to do is fix the windows imo, then turn the doors round to make more room, then rads. ours were delonghi ones, really inexpensive but look fantastic. i've looked to see if they're online but i can't see them, weirdly. we got them in a builder's merchant.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 19:48:59

Our ceilings are around 3m and we have fixed the sash windows.
But I did look at a couple of websites where you work out the BTU and we were needing around 7000-8000 (room sizes are quite large) and the column rads dont go up this high, the B&Q ones definitely don't.
Shame your Delonghi rads arent on-line Aitch.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 19:51:28

Aitch when you say turn the doors, do you mean re-hang them so they open against the wall rather than into the room?

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 19:54:29

yup, it's so much better. stupid victorians. in the front room we have a rad at the window and one tucked in behind the door, but just one tall rad is fine for heating our bedroom. too hot, tbh.

IlanaK Sat 06-Mar-10 20:02:26

this one goes up high enough BTU for you. We are buying similar, but slightly slimmer version of that one.

IlanaK Sat 06-Mar-10 20:03:33

I agree about the doors too. We are living at my mum's at the moment - old victorian flat. And all the doors hang the wrong way. It was meant for modesty. She loves it that way, but it such a waste of space.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 20:10:12

ours are a bit like this one but more robustly victorian somehow... seriously, phone a few trade places cos our most expensive rad was £126 plus vat.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 20:12:50

Thanks Ilana, have to say I do still prefer the look of the column rads, but was chuffed to find some on here which have a high BTU (same website you liniked to)

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 20:17:18

Thanks again Aitch, will call around and see what I can find locally, though that website does look good, price wise.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 20:20:32

well when we replaced ours we thought we'd spend the money on a couple of nice ones that had to be in prominent places, but i walked into the builders yard and just went yes yes yes and ordered all of them matching becuase they were so cheap. and they're great quality, imo.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Mar-10 20:25:05

Was it a chain of builders merchants or a local independent?
We were also thinking we'd just replace the ones in the main rooms, but would love to do them all if we could afford to, the old steel ones we inherited are pretty grim (and also ridiculously long!)

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 06-Mar-10 20:33:34

local place i'm pretty sure. worth giving a few places a ring, we're thinking of moving soon, i'll be gutted if i can't get them again.

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