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Anyone got a white or cream gloss kitchen - what worktops do you have?

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MadameGazelle Tue 02-Mar-10 11:08:49

Am in the process of installing a new kitchen and have decided on cream gloss units. Have seen a white granite effect worktop that I like but wondered if I might need a contrastiong worktop rather than one in a similar colour. Am planning on an engineered wooden floor. If anyone could offer and advice/tips I would be grateful. TIA

Tinasan Tue 02-Mar-10 11:13:19

I have white gloss units and granite worktop - kashmir white. It's really hard to choose, hope it doesn't drive you as mad as it did me! I really love it though so was worth the agony smile

luciemule Tue 02-Mar-10 11:14:51

cream units - beech worktops

tibni Tue 02-Mar-10 11:18:58

White gloss units with a gunmetal grey granite worktop and matching range cooker. I love it.

chocolateshoes Tue 02-Mar-10 11:28:11

I have black / dark grey granite

Shitemum Tue 02-Mar-10 11:32:38

i decided it would look best to alternate dark with light when i did my kitchen. so i had terracotta floors, white units and dark wood surfaces (actually imitation from IKEA due to budget and becasue we knew we'd have to rent the house out later). looks great!

MadameGazelle Tue 02-Mar-10 11:42:48

Tinasan - If you don't mind me asking, what flooring have you got with white units and white worktop?

ChickensHaveSinisterMotives Tue 02-Mar-10 11:45:48

Cream gloss units, dark wood work tops. Beeeyootiful

MrsBadger Tue 02-Mar-10 11:48:52

cream gloss cabinets and resin/quartz composite worktop in black with speckles thus
wood floor

plain black was too harsh - the speckles help tie it in with the cabinets, iyswim.

Guad Tue 02-Mar-10 11:52:11

I have a wood floor with off white units and iroco worktops. I was a bit suspicious of the iroco at first but its gone a lovely sort of chestnut mid to dark brown and its very waterproof.

claricebeansmum Tue 02-Mar-10 11:52:48

I have white gloss cabinets and beech top.

Alouiseg Tue 02-Mar-10 11:55:54

White gloss cabinets with Blue Silestone tops! Looks stunning until i was told that it looked like a Chelsea FC kitchen.

Tinasan Tue 02-Mar-10 16:08:14

MadameGazelle, mushroom/brick coloured large porcelain tiles from Porcelanosa. Hard colour to describe but they work really well. Google Kashmir White though as it's not a completely white granite, it has grey and brown through it (to a smaller or larger degree depending on the specific piece of granite you have installed).

sunchild77 Tue 02-Mar-10 16:21:50

Just got new kitchen with white gloss cupboards and dark wood (think its supposed to be mahogany) effect laminate tops, we have sanded the floorboards and stained them an antique pine colour.

I love it

MadameGazelle Tue 02-Mar-10 16:29:14

thanks everyone. This is the worktop I was thinking of, the picture doesn't do it justice really, it's quite glossy and sparkly. Am jsut wondering whether it will look a bit too neutral next to cream gloss units or whether I should just go all white and get the white gloss kitchen and have a contrasting dark wood floor - what do you think. T

LadyBlaBlah Tue 02-Mar-10 16:31:21

White gloss with white granite (with specks in) and dark wood floor. Looks coooooool.

NotSoRampantRabbit Tue 02-Mar-10 16:33:31

I have white gloss units and a matt white worktop edged in brushed metal. White walls and a dark grey floor (lino). I have jazzed the slightly surgical feel up with citrus accessories (orange blind, picture done by DS, tins and glassware etc).

It looks fab and have had lots of positive comments from friends, family and (more importantly) estate agents!

All white v trendy at mo...and looks good with dark flooring.

sunchild77 Tue 02-Mar-10 17:55:18

What about your tiling Mdm Gazelle?

MadameGazelle Tue 02-Mar-10 18:00:49

hi sunchild, am thinking about a glass splashback (very pale green tint) or other option was very glossy white tiles

alarkaspree Tue 02-Mar-10 18:03:56

We had cream gloss units and a mid-grey composite worktop, before we moved house. I'd be careful of white worktops - we have white corian now and it stains.

HeadFairy Tue 02-Mar-10 18:04:09

cream gloss cupboards and solid oak worktops, duck egg blue glass tiles on the splash backs.

Elibean Wed 03-Mar-10 11:44:17

Just decided (building new kitchen extension). Cream gloss (and some oak) units, warm brown speckled quartz tops. Its a north facing kitchen, that all looks warm and reflects light beautifully.

Not sure about splashbacks, do love glass...

Elibean Wed 03-Mar-10 11:44:38

Oh, and we have an engineered oak floor.

MarineIguana Wed 03-Mar-10 11:50:06

Cream units, wood floor and wood worktop (we didn't install the kitchen but it's a mid-coloured wood, maybe oak... looks lovely).

I wouldn't have cream units and white worktop. I love wod but if I was going for granite, I think a speckled grey, green or black would be nicer with cream.

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Wed 03-Mar-10 12:33:27

we are getting white high gloss and getting a wood effecct worktop unless i cna convince dh of real wood.

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