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how much do removals companies cost?

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PDR Tue 02-Mar-10 08:59:22

We are moving from a large 3 bed to a ok sized 4 bed aprox 15 miles away.

We have an average amount of furniture but not much clutter.

I am thinking we will go with the packing service as I have a DS of 21 months and it will be weeks of hell for me to do it myself.

We are in rural Devon if that makes a difference.

What should I expect?

PDR Tue 02-Mar-10 10:10:24


Fizzylemonade Tue 02-Mar-10 11:18:45

I've just done it, from 3 bed 2 weeks ago to (next week) a 4 bed,

It was £1500 before you add insurance for the property etc (and that doesn't include my storage costs as clearly mine is in storage till we complete)

That was Pickfords, but a local company quoted us the same price. 2 day removals, take most of stuff on one day, come back the next for last minute stuff like beds etc.

Yes get them to pack it, I packed my own but then my children are much older and don't need as much supervision.

PDR Tue 02-Mar-10 12:13:42

£1500! shock shock

I might be packing it myself when DH finds out how much it's going to be.

As we're moving locally I've got 2 companies coming to "have a look" and quote tomo afternoon and Thu morning.

At least I have a ballpark figure now though and won't have a heart attack when they tell me the cost!

Thanks Fizzy

PDR Tue 02-Mar-10 19:41:00

has anyone else recently moved?

cassell Tue 02-Mar-10 19:44:15

We moved last year, distance of 60miles, they did it in a day and it cost about £1000 iirc.

orienteerer Tue 02-Mar-10 19:46:54

2 bed to 4 bed (last year), only moved about 500m, £800

hester Tue 02-Mar-10 20:59:51

We got three quotes, lowest 1200k, to move from 2 bed flat to 4 bed semi about 15 miles away. I'll bet it depends where you live - I'm in London. I think the packing element was only 200-300, which seems to me a small price to pay to reduce the nightmare...

lucykate Tue 02-Mar-10 21:03:16

we moved 3 years ago from a 3 bed to a 5 bed house, moving bill was about £1200, including traveling (we moved 120 miles away), van for 2 days as we moved out one day, in the next due to the distance and insurance.

lucykate Tue 02-Mar-10 21:04:18

oh, and i did all the packing myself.

saggyhairyarse Tue 02-Mar-10 21:06:19

I am moving 10miles and been quoted £550, not including packing.

chicaguapa Tue 02-Mar-10 21:07:46

Try as they'll obtain instant quotes from different local companies. We are moving a 4 bed house 250 miles and it's going to cost £1,300+VAT including the packing. HTH

jujubean Tue 02-Mar-10 21:17:24

We live in hampshire just been quoted £1000 inc packing to move from a 3 bed to a 4 bed 20 miles away. Packing often doesn't make much difference to final figure as they prefer to pack themselves so they don't get boxes stuffed full of only books. Packing worth every single penny, especially with children. You can literally walk out of your house with an overnight bag and they just pack it all up. I would sell my granny to make sure I could afford the packing bit.

taffetacat Tue 02-Mar-10 21:25:48

Had house refurb last year so moved in and out. 3 bed to 3 bed to 4 bed ( made it bigger...).

Packed it all ourselves and moved all the small stuff ourselves, so furniture only £400. Distance about 2 miles.

Got 3 quotes, smallest company the cheapest. Cash in hand. wink

PDR Tue 02-Mar-10 22:06:23

Ok so packing seems to be essential. If it's only a couple of hundred quid more then I guess it's worth it as I'd have to put DS into nursery if I packed myself anyway as he'd be all over the place.

Question do they literally pack everything like knives and forks from drawers or do I need to sort everything out in advance? Sorry if that sounds thick!

I am thinking it's going to be around the £750 mark if Hampshire is £1k (we're in North Devon).

chicaguapa Fri 05-Mar-10 20:27:42

The t&c's on ours says we have to take jewellery and food from fridge/ freezer. They literally pack everything else, including elastic bands and paperclips on the floor! grin We are going to pack a couple of boxes beforehand of stuff we want to open first when we move in, like bedding, kettle etc as we won't know what box the removal company has packed it all in.

PDR Mon 08-Mar-10 11:39:37

If anyone else is interested, first quote is in and its
£450+ VAT for the removals
and an extra
£280 + VAT for the full packing service

thehouseremovalscompany Tue 01-May-12 17:45:25

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SAMBAUKER Tue 25-Dec-12 19:44:20

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SAMBAUKER Tue 25-Dec-12 21:23:29

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onedev Tue 25-Dec-12 21:28:22

We paid £1600 for full packing service for a reasonably sized 3-bed, moving 2 miles. Company were fab & made it so easy.

SAMBAUKER Tue 25-Dec-12 21:42:25

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PurpleCrazyHorse Sat 29-Dec-12 23:50:27

5 years ago, we paid about £1000 for packing and removal from West London to South Wales. They literally packed everything they're allowed to transport (they don't move paint cans and things like that). We used our car for important things I didn't want damaged or lost.

I found it really useful to pack the bathroom myself (moving out anything to go in the van) and then use that room as the storage room for everything not going in the removal van. Just stuck a note on the door, saying don't pack! It meant I could leave the kettle in there, a couple of mugs, hoover, cleaning things, emergency biscuits and a box of DIY supplies including light bulbs etc that we wanted in our car and not in the removal van (as we were driving straight to the new house and the van was stopping overnight). Worked really well.

We kept all the boxes too as they're brilliant for storing stuff in the attic!

PurpleCrazyHorse Sat 29-Dec-12 23:50:50

Sorry.... old thread!

aarenace Fri 08-Mar-13 07:56:52

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