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Nice Essex villages for a commute to the city??

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bowbluebell Thu 25-Feb-10 19:29:44


Not sure that the title of this message makes much sense!

We've been thinking of moving from London for ages and have settled on Essex. DH has to commute into the City (liverpool st) and I work in Dagenham (but only once a week, so could manage a long drive). We'd like to live in a village rather than a town, but one with shops and a primary school.

Can you suggest places for us to consider moving to? We would ideally like to be within walking distance of a station, but that's not essential.

We have a preference for the Colchester/Chelmsford/Manningtree area as it would be convenient for both sets of parents (in Norfolk and London) but don't know where to start looking (have so far considered Hatfield Peverel, Kelvedon and Nayland but they were just guesses really). We have a budget of 300k and need 3/4 beds.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any suggestions

Phoenix4725 Fri 26-Feb-10 12:51:37

Brightlingsea just outside Colchester is a nice place , small beach shops primary school etc

mablemurple Fri 26-Feb-10 13:01:59

Fambridge is gorgeous - right on the river Crouch and with a railway station, so journey to London would be easy, I would think. Burnham on Crouch, a bit further along, also nice.

gherkinwithapurplemerkin Fri 26-Feb-10 13:09:01

Wivenhoe is your place. Just outside Colchester (t'other side of the Uni); lots if lecturers, some students, and Loads of families. Couple little supermarkets, fiar few nice pubs, school, playground etc. And its own railway station with connection to L'pool St. I loved living in Wiv.

bowbluebell Fri 26-Feb-10 13:30:22

Thanks for those ideas, I'm going to abandon my work and spend an hour or so on Rightmove!
Any thoughts on Kelveden?

Thanks for your thoughts

Alouiseg Fri 26-Feb-10 17:20:58

Kelvedon is a very commutable village, it has a library and several shops. The primary school is very good and the nearest secondary school is Honywood in Coggeshall, its so marvellous we took our dc out of a private school to go there.

The surrounding villages are Coggeshal, Marks Tey, Copford, Gt and Lt Tey, Messing, Easthorpe.

My favourite local restaurant is in Coggeshall called Baumans Brasserie.

The trains are at least every half an hour with a more frequent service during commuter hours.

Good luck, if you find a house in an area you are not sure of let me know and ill give you the low down.

deloola Fri 26-Feb-10 17:26:14

Yes yes to Wivenhoe, Nayland and Stoke by Nayland, Kelveden - all lovely villages.

Phoenix4725 Sat 27-Feb-10 16:23:17

only thing will say about Wivenhoe is that they are having problems with teenage elements underage drinking, vandalism petty arson though mind not so petty while back they caused lot of damage to the park

sowhatis Sat 27-Feb-10 16:29:48

we used to live in brentwood and kelvedon was nice, but prefer blackmore (lush!) or doddinghurst. we now live near bishops stortford in a small village x

Alouiseg Sat 27-Feb-10 18:00:21

Wivenhoe is also on a branch line which extends the journey time substantially.

Another consideration will be the cost of parking at a station if you are driving. Most of the main line carparks are over £4 per day and some are £6! Parking season tickets can be bought for roughly £!000 - £1200 pa.

bowbluebell Sat 27-Feb-10 19:17:29

Thanks for those thoughts. I can see now why Kelvedon is so expensive, it's basically perfect for us and probably lots of other people! We are going for a drive tomorrow to look at Wivenhoe, Kelvedon and Nayland (although I already know that's gorgeous) however, I think that being able to walk to the station is a huge plus.

Any votes for Hatfield Peverel? I've been informed that the trains are very full. Witham is another option, although it's quite a bit bigger.

deloola Sat 27-Feb-10 21:40:48

Hatfield Peveral always feels a bit souless to me. Don't think many trains stop there either.

You can get direct trains into London from Wivenhoe - takes 75 mins - so no need to change.

Boredofboden Tue 02-Mar-10 14:56:47

Hello bowbluebell, I hope you had a nice weekend looking around the villages. We moved to Kelvedon a few years ago and really like it here, it's got everything you need doctors, dentists, Co-Op, haridressers, buthers, deli and plenty of friendly people to get to know as well. It's great for young families I think. As you say there is a lot to be said for being able to hop of the train and walk home rather then having to get in a car. Let us know how you get on or if you need anymore info. Good luck smile

Sowhatis I think you might be confusing Kelvedon Hatch (near Brentwood) with Kelvedon, (near Colchester) people often get them mixed up.

Boredofboden Tue 02-Mar-10 15:01:25

Ps. oops for the poor spelling haridressers?? buthers??

bowbluebell Wed 03-Mar-10 21:05:03

Thanks everyone for your messages. We read them all again before driving around Essex on Sunday and it was really useful.

I think that we are going to try and find somewhere in Coggeshall. It's just next to the bright lights of Kelvedon so it's easy to get into town and the village centre had a really good feel about it.

Thanks again...

terri66 Wed 10-Oct-12 19:39:59

Hi...... Can anyone please tell me about Witham and Braintree, any areas that I should avoid ? I will be buying somewhere in Essex Thanks.

WivenhoeDad Sun 05-Jul-15 12:51:01

Recently did loads of research abut this as recently moved from Islington and work in the City. Wivenhoe definitely best option if you can manage 70 minute commute to London. Homes are walking distance to station, picturesque waterfront, sailing, etc. Excellent primaries. Culture, local clubs etc. Much more going on than place this size should have, but peaceful and lovely walks, cycling on your doorstep.

scarlets Sun 05-Jul-15 15:18:54

I have an old friend-of-a-friend in Coggeshal. She likes it a lot and has lived there since the 1980s despite it being a temporary move! On the one occasion I visited, it seemed very community minded.

The only state primary school was CoE though - not sure if that puts you off. It may have changed since then anyway, her children are much older now.

scarlets Sun 05-Jul-15 15:19:46

Oooops. Just noticed the age of this thread - lol

Twinkie1 Sun 05-Jul-15 15:23:02

I wouldn't move to Kelvedon. Traffic is an utter nightmare through there and if there is a problem on the A12 you can barely get about in the village plus the huge estates that are being planned around there.

Great Totham is lovely as is Little Totham and the Braxteds.

Parts of Coggeshall are liable to severe flooding so check that out and Honywood School IMO is not what it used to be.

Danbury and that area is v nice.

Sorry sounds v negative but I know from experience.

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