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Has anyone got/ had a solid roof conservatory?

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JHKE Thu 04-Feb-10 11:14:35

We are looking into getting a conservatory but don't really want to get one if its only useful for 6 months of the year. After looking on the internet I see that you can get conservatories with a solid roof. Its suppose be cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. I want to know if this is true.

Another reason for wanting to know is we are thinking of getting a puppy and this is where his bed will be but obviously can't if it still gets too hot.


1percentawake Sun 14-Nov-10 21:59:16

Sorry can't help with the inner roof question (although bumping just in case!!) but I'm thinking about this too as it would give us more privacy from our neighbours who directly overlook our garden!

What I was wondering is does it make the rooms that are attached to it darker without a glass roof? We have a south west facing garden so only have direct sunshine in the evening...

Nickj101 Fri 07-Oct-11 11:11:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

teta Fri 07-Oct-11 13:52:54

There is a company called Roof Revive that do the suspended insulated roofs under the glass or polycarbonate.I have had a quote of arround 2000 pounds for my small conservatory.The problem is our heating bills [partially due to the conservatory] are more than 2500 pounds annually so i am currently debating whether its worth doing.Another thing is i don't know anyone who has had this done or anyone with any experience.I think a good builder could reroof with tiles/slate providing the structure is strong enough.Most upvc conservatorys would need strengthening though.

bobian81 Mon 28-Nov-11 23:44:07

We've got the same problem, we've a massive 13ft by 18ft south facing conservatory, far too hot in july and aug, and too blooming cold nov to march, we have given up trying to heat it, I've taken some advice, on friday we are having a suspended ceiling fitted, with a layer of rock wool above it, our roof is opaque so you wont even see it from the outside, its only costing £270 including installation, so we'll soon see how good it is, if it causes any problems, i can always take it down, its only an aluminium grid with 60 x 60 insert panels, the panel manufacturers say it should be fine, i'm worried about the void heating up in the summer though, although our panels are opaque

ToothlessFairy Mon 28-Nov-11 23:53:32

found this

Big cost banana?

bobian81 Tue 29-Nov-11 08:01:39

tooth, thats why we're just installing a cheap but effective suspended ceiling, if we dont like it, we can just take it out

ToothlessFairy Tue 29-Nov-11 18:21:45

How much will your suspended ceiling be, if you don't mind me asking and will you make it as low as the top of the windows? We have a victorian conservatory with knackered panels, very unsightly, and were thinking of maybe a tongue and groove style roof, what sort are you going for?

KatyMac Tue 29-Nov-11 18:25:32

I have a lean to so I can't do the inner suspended ceiling sad

bobian81 Tue 29-Nov-11 18:53:55

tooth, the suspended ceiling is working out at £10 a sq/m including fitting, then there is a small cost on top for fibre glass insulation roll so mines going to be £270 including insulation, i will sort the lights out myself, my ceiling is going to be hung on wires just above the windows, i will have 7ft of head height, not great I know but better than all that heat loss, here is a link to the supplier of the materials
My fitter lives in rotherham, let me if your not far away, if you want him, i'll give you his number. we've been reccommended to go for the thermatex finestratos panels, they are a satin white finish with a rough sand paper feel

ToothlessFairy Tue 29-Nov-11 19:37:26

ooh that's not too bad then. DP reckons ours is about 10m sq. We are not in your area unfortunately though. Thanks for the info.

bobian81 Wed 30-Nov-11 12:28:08

I've just disconnected the fans today, we're going to use the circuit to feed some lights in the new ceiling, the fans will stop in place above the ceiling, at the end of the day, if it didnt workout or we changed our mind it would be a simple job to dismantle the ceiling and put it back as it was

bobian81 Wed 30-Nov-11 13:49:38

this is a very interesting company, retiling the exsisting conservatory roof spars with lightweight roofing tiles

bobian81 Fri 02-Dec-11 17:21:43

hi, its now been fully installed, and we are delighted, just sat in here on a cold winters night, just feels like any other room, if anyone wants a picture before and after let me know

ToothlessFairy Sat 03-Dec-11 00:27:34

Yes please!

bobian81 Sat 03-Dec-11 10:05:00

hi, if you want photos please email me at bobian81@hotmail.com, i dont know how to attach pictures to this message, i'm sat in my conny this morning, its bright and sunny, and its warmed up much quicker than it does normally, my wife said before the heating came on at 7.30 it was about 2 degrees lower than the rest of the house, not bad considering it used to get like an icebox LOL

Nodrogetak Wed 07-Dec-11 19:37:42

Hi Bobian81, this is my 1st post and the only reason I have joined is to ask about your ceiling (I live in Rotherham and noticed your fitter is from here) I cannot face another freezing winter with my conservatory being open to the kitchen and dining room and have been quite cold eating my evening meal tonight so thought i'd get right onto sorting it out. Has it cost more than originally anticipated when it had been fitted? what about the gaps round the edges - are they filled with anything? and have the draughts stopped? x

bobian81 Fri 09-Dec-11 22:08:16

nodro, i've sent you an email with photos before and after, no more drafts ! or serious heat losses, as i said earlier it seems to be about a 2 deg heat loss, as opposed to about 20 before !

dipsydonna Mon 12-Dec-11 13:00:58

we have just had a solid tile conservatory roof fitted from www.guardianconservatoryroofs.co.uk check them out! just perfect. after many attempts to get the job done this company gave the real deal, its nearly an extention would recomend them anywhere.

GeorginaWorsley Wed 14-Dec-11 22:02:47

OOh,tell me more about solid tile roof!
Did you need to re inforce the window panels or anything??

samash1 Fri 03-Feb-12 19:16:20

Hi dipsy donna, I have just started investigating having our conservatory roof replaced with tiles because our con is like the arctic...what's it like now in this weather? Could you give me a rough idea of cost? What tile type did you go for? Lots of questions, thanks

gbbat31 Tue 27-Mar-12 20:18:45

Hi Bobian81 .. We are looking to knock our kitchen into our conservatory and want something that would help with heat loss in the winter and heat reduction in the summer. Please could you send pictures also so I could have a look... sorry, its been over 3 months since your last post

LadyWithEDS Tue 27-Mar-12 20:35:44

Apparently, there is a new roof available that lets in as much light as clear glass, holds heat and cools better in winter/summer, it is not a glass one though.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 27-Mar-12 20:39:42

We do - we just converted ours from a glass (leaky) roof to a solid one. We needed to fit iron ties to support the structure and it was not cheap. But it's bloody marvellous. Average temperature has risen by 10 degrees on cold days and on warm days it doesn't go over 25 degrees (which may sound hot but actually it was hitting 40 some days so that's pretty good.)

Things to consider: it's easier if you have dwarf walls to support the structure, is not suitable for UPVC (only wood).

In terms of cost when starting from nothing, a solid extension is about 30% more than a good conservatory but will last 100 years whereas a conservatory is basically knackered in 30.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 27-Mar-12 20:43:52

We have a vaulted, not suspended ceiling btw. It's a good option for making the room appear bigger. Ours cost about £6k to convert (which included structural consultancy, building costs, electrics, plastering, spanish slates (cheaper than welsh), reguttering etc.

Marthasfishbowl Wed 28-Mar-12 21:30:17

We had a leaflet through the door about having a plastered 'inner roof' installed. Sorry, I binned it. Did look good though! Might have been this company: www.roof-revive.co.uk/

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