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Roughly how much are fitted wardrobes? And are they better than freestanding ones?

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ilikeyoursleeves Mon 25-Jan-10 22:02:35

We are looking to get fitted wardrobes for a space around 2m x 0.75m and I have no idea how much it would cost. Any ideas?

And do you think fitted wardrobes are better than freestanding ones?

Rachel1410 Tue 26-Jan-10 17:18:13

Hi - I had some fancy company round a while ago to quote and they were hideously expensive. However, I've just had a built in wardrobe done by an independent carpenter (approx. 1.5m wide by 2m high). It has ply wood shelves on one side, then two hanging rails on the other side, with two smaller cupboards at the top for storeage. The doors are MDF which I have just painted in a white gloss. For all materials, painting and the work itself, total cost was 250 pounds. If you want a hassle free quote, you can register the job on a website called and then local tradesmen will contact you (via e.mail or phone you can chose) to give you a quote on the job. For us, I was really really happy with the work and the cost. That size wardrobe with a set of drawers was going to cost c.250 ish and now I have a cupboard that fits the space perfectly. (Incidentally, on that website, you can also check all workmens references etc.) Hope this helps x

happysmiley Tue 26-Jan-10 17:32:06

We went and got quotes from three or four fitted wardrobe companies and the quotes were astronomical. Think the highest came in at about 15k. We only wanted two wardrobes with a couple of shelves in one!

We went for free standing ones in the end as we managed to find ones that fitted the space pretty well and (I think) looked a lot better. And they were much cheaper. Also, we don't intend to be in our current place for ever so didn't want to spend a lot of money on something we can't take with us.

HerHonesty Tue 26-Jan-10 19:25:06

depends on what sort of space you have and the functionality that you want. freestanding look lovely in a nice big room but can make smaller looked cramped. fitted gives you exactly the configuration you want and makes more of the space. good quality ones are expensive. avoid the highstreet offerings which can look a bit tacky and fitted and enquire with local carpenters. we had ours done 3 doors floor to ceiling, 1.8 +shoe cupboard on side for 1100, cupboards on top, but for the south east this was quite cheap.

Batteryhuman Tue 26-Jan-10 19:26:51

Get a local carpenter to design some and give you a quote. Then the insides can have the exact balance of shelves to hanging you want and you can save money by painting them yourself.

CMOTdibbler Tue 26-Jan-10 20:56:53

Our current house has fitted wardrobes, and I do prefer them to the freestanding ones we had before - mostly as you get all the storage above your clothes for things like hat boxes/out of season clothes etc etc, so it keeps things looking much tidier

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 26-Jan-10 22:03:26

Happysmiley £15k!!!!! shock

Thanks all. We are getting an extension so I might ask the joiner how much he might charge to make us some. Don't fancy the idea of spending loads though.

happysmiley Wed 27-Jan-10 08:39:45

I know, I know. Nearly had a heart attack when the man finished doing his sums and told us the final figure. That'll teach me for phoning up the number in the ads from the back of the Sunday Times magazine. Won't be making that mistake again!

MrsVidic Wed 27-Jan-10 14:19:00

ours are 6.5m x 1m ND COST 2.5K

GeorgeC Thu 09-Feb-17 18:42:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

JoJoSM2 Fri 10-Feb-17 22:33:27

We got ours from Ikea and had a carpenter build around them as they look fitted. Total cost including lighting, glass fronted drawers etc about 2k for a 4m run that looks fab and is well kitted out.

mysteriouscurle Fri 10-Feb-17 22:59:14

Ikea all the way here. wardrobes for 3 rooms delivered and fitted around £2.2k in total. Plus you can choose your interiors and the staff help you design them in the store. Ive got 3 hanging rails of varying heights shelves baskets, jewellery storage and shoe storage. For cheapsmile

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