Tell me about Haslemere.....?

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BeatrixRotter Sat 23-Jan-10 22:14:52

We are thinking of relocating there from London and I'm wondering what the different areas are like? I have seen a couple of nice houses around the Shottermill School and it seems a lovely part of town but slightly far from the station.

The houses we have seen closer to the station are right in the town centre and I can't decide whether this is a good thing or not.

I would be really grateful for any insider info.

Cadelaide Sat 23-Jan-10 22:17:15

Truly excellent bookshop.

That's all I know.

BeatrixRotter Sat 23-Jan-10 22:25:02

Got to be a good thing. Am impressed by the amount of independent shops.

sugartits Sun 24-Jan-10 22:25:07

Shottermill is the less expensive part of Haslemere but only because it's further from the station. There aren't really any horrible parts tbh. Primary schools are all good, the local secondary is Woolmer Hill which used to have a bad reputation but is very good now. Excellent independent schools all around if that's your thing.

Haslemere is VERY Surrey, which some people love and others hate - people are polite, but not always friendly. You will need to wear Hunters, Joules gillets and the entire Boden catalogue grin. Obviously there are some more down to earth people in the area, but it can be very snobbish. On the plus side, its a great area to bring up children - I lived in Haslemere until two years ago and am still in touch with lots of people there. I'm still to hear of any crime other than the odd car being scratched at the station.

PanicMode Mon 25-Jan-10 16:01:11

3 of the partners at my office live there (in houses worth 7 figures), 2 of which I've visited as part of a "come to a BBQ with your friendly boss" sort of set up - and they are gorgeous houses, and I know that they all love living there. They all moved out from SW London some time ago.

The commute is good, the schools are excellent - we toyed with moving there, but were slightly put off by the very Surrey bit - so moved to Tunbridge Wells so have slightly more diversity wink.

BeatrixRotter Tue 26-Jan-10 09:04:10

That's interesting as Tunbridge Wells was also on our list a while back, but is a bit far away from family.I love the look of Haslemere (small town, quite rural etc.) but not sure whether I'd fit in with the snobbish side of it.

Can anyone tell me whether you'd get a seat on a train into London from Haslemere? DP would be catching it about 7.00.

sugartits Tue 26-Jan-10 20:44:33

You get a seat on the way in, but it's a nightmare on the way back. Dh used to complain that he often had to stand until Guildford and sometimes the whole way.

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Wed 27-Jan-10 11:17:23

the man at the petrol station fills up your car. That's what I call service.

Bramshott Wed 27-Jan-10 13:29:49

Haslemere has lots of lovely shops, but not many useful shops! Petersfield is much nicer, although a bit further out.

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