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Frameless-ish shower enclosures/new baths

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Toots Tue 29-Dec-09 16:50:47

Planning to turn a small bathroom into a shower room.

Rather partial to some of the minimalist shower enclosures I've seen, with low profile shower trays. the Play Bathstore one is nice. Any advice on what not to get design wise. Don't want to splash whole bathroom and whatnot. Will maybe be free-standing against wall at back, or may have wall on two sides. Smaller foot print than current full sized bath.

Talking of baths, will be putting one in new loft bathroom. Acrylic any good? Deffo want a double ended but nice clean lines. Nothing wavy or swirly. Also don't want it to be a water guzzler. Need one that feels full quickly if you know what I mean.

Pannacotta Tue 29-Dec-09 17:02:52

This Matki enclosure looks v smart, not frameless, but close

I wouldn't recommend Bathstore, they dont have a great reputation among bathroom fitters/plumbers.

thelunar66 Tue 29-Dec-09 17:07:24

Oooh, marking my place on this thread.

I'm currently making the same plans... take out the bath and replace with nice walk in shower frame with hinges or moving bits.

Been out looking at local mega-posh showroom and getting ideas I cannot afford though sad

I pick up the Bath Store brochure too coz I thought they looked good.

One thing though.... those shower trays are wider than a bath, so won't actually fit the same 'footprint'. I'm having to jiggle evereything around and move the sink and loo to where to the was, leaving a deep corner at the other side of the room to fit the shower.

There are some LOVELY showers around too!

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Tue 29-Dec-09 19:29:03

We have just had all our stuff delivered from the bathstore - a bath and an atlas resesed walk in shower and other gubins, Everyhting delivered fine except they dropped my sink and it smashed to oblivion - a week later new one arrived - fortunatly not gettign fitted till next week. We opted for the wave double ended bath. I will report back if it turns out to be a shower of shoyte. grin

Price wise we shopped about loads and they were by far cheapest - the shower we got in sale was 1600 on sale in b and q and 500 in bathstores sale.

fanjolina Tue 29-Dec-09 20:18:00

blimey nappyzone: £1100 difference? that is phenomenal

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Tue 29-Dec-09 21:40:47

I know! Its lush smile this is it

fanjolina Tue 29-Dec-09 21:58:07

ooh, lovely

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 29-Dec-09 22:00:25

we have a JT40

we have a frameless glass surround from local glazing company, we just called them and they made it for us...

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 29-Dec-09 22:05:27

have uploaded some picutres to profile

penona Tue 29-Dec-09 22:05:42

Where in the country are you? We got all our bathroom stuff from a great independent place in london, burge and gunson. The staff were really helpful and considerate of our budget! It worked out same price as bathstore but better quality (according to our plumber anyway!).
Another place we tried is city plumbing, but the stores can vary depending on the local franchise. But have nice displays and good price ranges.

Also agree on the matki showers if you can afford one. They do a lovely one where the door is inside the moulded tray - so no leaking out the side - will try and look it up!

have fun doing it all - a great project.

Pannacotta Tue 29-Dec-09 22:17:13

Greyskull I like your shower tray and surround, was the shower tray very pricey?
Does it feel good underfoot, different from a ceramic tray?

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 29-Dec-09 22:24:24

It is less cold than a ceramic one, it cost about £200 the glass cost abotu £1000 inc vat but you can see we had a funny angle to fit the shower into so it took extra cutting, and we had it fitted with a limscale resistant coating

HerHonesty Wed 30-Dec-09 10:05:33

we have a large shower tray which runs across the back of the room (1800 i think) and then bought a single sheet of glass unframed but with fixed hinge type things to hold it onto the wall which is the screen which protects the rest of the room from the splashes. it looks brilliant (if i say so myself). It is mounted on the tray not the floor as in the pictre.

the glass was expensive, but it is limescale resitant. the make is majestic and this is where we bought it from

the tray is white composite or something 0c14f0855248ea170f6bfd
and we bought it from it has a lovely feel underfoot but the plumbers were not very happy about getting up the stairs..
it is slightly raised to accomodate some pipework underneath, about 10cm or so and tiled on the upstand.

HerHonesty Wed 30-Dec-09 10:06:35

sorry. never quite get the web links right. will make it (one of my many, many) my NY resolutions to learn.

drinkystinkyuletidegubbins Wed 30-Dec-09 10:09:31

In our old place we did the same as Herhonesty - glass sheet to go down one side of the shower. Other side was tiled. On the floor we had a wedgie-board (basically a step up from ground floor which you can tile over which channels the water to the drainage point) and the floor and walls were tiled in the same large tiles. Huge shower head. And a recessed alcove for shampoo bottles etc as hate seeing them cluttering up a beautiful shower. Oh, I miss my old shower sad.

HerHonesty Wed 30-Dec-09 10:14:03

have to say i love ours. so much space. and didnt know it was a wedgie board. you learn something new every day

Toots Thu 31-Dec-09 09:53:27

Greyskull - your shower is very lovely. I will throw it into the mix as it were.

Penona - thanks for those tips. I am in South East London so will deffo make the trip to Collier's Wood.

I had heard a few not great things about Bathstore although think their stuff is very pretty.

There's a PTS near me that does a lot of the big ranges and freely offers 30% on everything so definitely plan to shop around once I've decided what we want.

That Cooke and Lewis range at B&Q is absurdly pricey, don't you think?

86Pinkle Sat 02-Jan-10 21:28:30

I got my suite from ebay shops.

The bath suite from trueshopping and the shower and cubicle from halton home and the taps from vr bathrooms.

All are great quality and all for £600 inc delivery. Very quick delivery and reputable companies, highly recommended. Had the bathroom fitted for a month now and although its needs decorating the everything works fine and the plumber didn't have any problems.

Pictures are on my profile

Toots Fri 08-Jan-10 09:56:10

Thanks Penona, Burge and Gunson were well worth the visit.

penona Thu 14-Jan-10 10:37:17

Oh good glad you liked it. Even the kids enjoyed visiting there! Hope you found something nice.

teamworkglass Wed 26-Apr-17 11:11:53

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jessye12 Thu 15-Jun-17 16:57:39

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