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Loose covers for sofa made to measure: Anyone know a ballpark figure

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WilfSell Sun 06-Dec-09 18:10:06

I am fantasising that I can do this myself. In reality I have no time. But I really want some washable covers for my two sofas and I need to know if it is horrifically expensive to get it done; or affordable...

Anyone had this done for them? Would be interested to hear about your experiences...

LordVetinarisApprentice Sun 06-Dec-09 18:14:43

Horrifically expensive in my experience. About £1000 quoted for my M&S three seater and two seater - didn't get them in the end. Will watch this thread with interest though.

WilfSell Sun 06-Dec-09 22:20:10

A grand? Eeeek. That is a lot. I might have to get the sewing machine out after all...

Thanks anyway.

LIZS Sun 06-Dec-09 22:24:13

Will watch - ours are in desperate need but it seems almost as cheap to buy new ones as to use Lyn plan.

Squishabelle Sun 06-Dec-09 22:32:43

Iknow someone who bought these. Dont know where they get their prices from TBH.

BikeRunSki Sun 06-Dec-09 22:36:28

My mother was recently quoted £1000 ish for her John Lewis 3 seater.

I got a loose cover made for an armchair once, by one of those well known companies. It fitted really badly. I sent it back twice and in the end was so fed up I just accepted it.

nearlybeans Sun 06-Dec-09 22:37:50

Had a very large 3 seater done in Sanderson fabric. Was £1600. Worth it as the sofa was sound and will last another twenty years at least. Eyewatering, though.

inveteratenamechanger Sun 06-Dec-09 22:38:19

££££ - I just bought a new sofa from Ikea in the end. Environmentally unconscionalbe.

50ftChristmasTree Sun 06-Dec-09 22:40:33

My Dad was quoted £2000 for a three seater and a two seater this week. Ridiculous amount!

daisy99divine Sun 06-Dec-09 22:40:40

We've just gone with Lynplan. Total price is about £600 including two new cushions, feather, cheaper if you have foam. Wonderful service - come and cut a pattern to our sofa in the house will send new ones through.

Cheaper than replacing that particular sofa - could probably get cheaper new one but didn't want to junk it....

hope this helps!

nearlybeans Sun 06-Dec-09 22:41:15

* They were made by a local upholsterer, who spent a great deal of time getting them exactly right.

LynetteScavo Sun 06-Dec-09 22:44:39

I paid about £1,000 for a 3 seater and a two seater sofas, a few years ago. A local lady made them.

WilfSell Sun 06-Dec-09 23:03:24

It would be almost cheaper to buy new sofas!

I might give it a go myself in calico first shock. In those spare 4 days I have kicking around [hhm]

daisy99divine Sun 06-Dec-09 23:34:42

I would ring Lynplan first - no obligation quote and the price depends on choice of fabric mostly

sinclair Mon 07-Dec-09 11:51:54

WilfSell the prices quoted on here sound about right to me - 250 - 300 per sofa plus fabric (I am an independent curtain maker/soft furnisher) It is only really worth it if sofa below is good quality and then as others have said it can give you another 10 years of life.

came on to say that you may find a loose covers course run by adult ed - round here they run over a week in the summer, you haul your sofa in on the first day and go in every morning to sew. Obv costs you a week off work plus the cost of the course and fabric but less scary than doing it on your own!

shirene Tue 22-Jan-13 17:02:52

Hello, I'm new so might not do this right! I've just found mumsnet and have been reading what you've all been saying about loose covers. I'm so shocked and disillusioned with the way the modern world works. No one seems to want to do for others unless money is involved, and reading some of your quotes re:loose covers and how much people are charging, just confirms it. I am a mum, but my daughter is 26 and I have two grandbabyboys - hope that's enough to let me in!!!! What I can do is sew anything, and reading about all your troubles makes me want to live near to you all and come and sew new covers, fix old ones, tell you how to make curtains, cushions, knit, etc... all for yourself and how to save loads of money and not get ripped off. Please contact me for advice, help, suggestions - I'm brimming with a life time of experience and knowledge and would love to share all of that with those that need it. It saddens me that at this point I feel I have to say I'm not asking for anything in return. I'm not a con, a hidden trap or want payment. Please, if I can help in anyway just get in touch. Can I just say now, for the woman who's got a worn out hole in the arm of her sofa, don't try to patch it - it will look awful. What you have to do is un pick that section (usually) rounded at the top, going down to an upright rectangle shape at the bottom, also usually bound within piping too, which is a drag. Cut a new piece out of either, A) a scatter cushion of the same fabric if you have one. This is the best option as the fabric colour will be close, i.e., more faded than material from 'hidden' areas. B) failing that, if the covers are properly made, there should be a widish piece of material called a 'fly' sewn onto the bottom of the back section, and which tucks down the back on the inside, at the bottom of the back piece and joined to the seat piece ON THE INSIDE - of course this is all underneath the seat cushions. This piece of material is designed to tuck down the back of the sofa to keep the back and seat all taut and in place. But, you can do without it - especially if your sofa is the type that has 2/3 heavy seat cushions, known as'squabs'. C) if a lot more fabric is needed, as a last resort, you can take off the fabric at the back and replace it with a plain,toning,length of cotton, say. The fabric at the back is a good shape and very useable as it's cut on what's called the straight of the grain - which means you can happily use it anywhere on your sofa you need to and it won't want to go off travelling in another direction. (think cheap t shirts from the market that seem to twist and won't lie flat to iron) That happens because the thing isn't cut out properly. Obviously, this way only really works if your sofa is placed up against a wall, that one will ever need to know the back isn't the same as the front. I've rambled on, I know, but one last thing. It is possible to make these covers yourself if you know how to get a sewing machine to go in a straight line. Someone said in the conversation that it's a hard and long job. Yes. It does take ages, usually because you're so paranoid about ruining it and wasting money, so you take it on and off and on and off over and over until you're mad. You will need to try it on quite a lot, and all that faffing takes time and is fiddly, but it's not difficult. Take your time, stay calm and be organised. If you are a complete novice but once managed a wrap around skirt, probably best not to attempt any flinging on and ripping techniques just yet. For you, it's best to take apart the existing cover, iron it flat and use it as a pattern, leaving a bit extra around all edges for seam allowance. Unless you really love it, I wouldn't bother with piping either (that's the covered cord in the same fabric that's usually around the back, arms and front of the bit at the bottom, called a valance). It's fiddly to get looking good and even, and on where it should be, and it's a bit old fashioned and stuffy looking, my personal opinion. One last thing, don't ever buy store bought zips for any of this re covering business. They cost a fortune and you have to be clever with a machine to get them in cushion covers and looking good. Go for what's called 'zipping' instead. It's a zip on a roll, cut to what ever length you need, say 5 mtres, and you buy the little metal pulls separately to slide on after you've sewn the zipping length onto your edge ( say, of the back opening). If the thought of anything even remotely zip like terrifies you, then use velcro. It's a good thing, it won't be seen, and in many ways is stronger and more durable than zipping anyway - especially if you have young, leaping children. Hope this helps. Oh, I have gone on. Sorry. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions if you want. Good luck.

HallyWell Fri 06-Feb-15 06:43:26

Anyone every tried/considered this Aussie company called comfort works? less than 350 for 3 seater sofa and fabrics is included?? sounds too good!
Some advise please? here's a link in case anyone is wondering wat am i on about:

Graneee2 Sat 27-Jun-15 12:42:33

Could you advise me on how to measure a chair for loose covers?

RGC45 Wed 13-Sep-17 09:45:40

My neighbour painted his sofa with Annie Stone chalk paint, it looks great but l lacked the courage to paint my 2 seater I bought for £90 in a Harrods sale. So going the conventional way last month I acquired a quote locally, it was £1200 for recovering, respringing and recushioning, excluded fabric which amounted to a further £1100!!! That's 12 metres at £110 from Liberty of London, ideas above my station me thinks,so instead I had it cleaned professionally £60 plus 2 loose cushions covered in the Liberty fabric £140 including making the cushions. Total, £200 and it has a great 'patina' or is it 'shabby chic', well I like it anyway.

Loosecovercompany Thu 18-Jan-18 14:09:28

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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