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condensation on bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 10:05:40

i have had my house for 26 years and it has no leaks or damp problems...except my bedroom.

My bed is on an external wall and where the bed meets that wall the wall is always damp. If i pull the bed away it dries out.But it isnt practical to pull it away every day and my bed is really expensive and i dont want to get mould on it. Any suggestions as to what is causing it........if my cupboards were there ,they would be damp and fusty because the bedside cupboard is doing the same thing.

Linnet Tue 10-Nov-09 11:26:24

Can you move the bed away a little bit just to let the air circulate? Once the air circulates it should be fine, it's usually just a build up of condensation on the wall because it's a cold outside wall.

We had a similar problem in my dd's bedroom, which is north facing so very cold in winter as it gets no sun at all. We had her bookcase against the wall and it went all mouldy and musty but we moved it to the corner and angled it so that it wasn't flat against the wall and it's made a huge difference.

We also have this problem in our bedroom, the built in wardrobes are built on the outside wall, so everything in them smells musty and they are cold. I try to leave the doors open to let the air circulate but don't always remember every day.

alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 12:00:00

its a real pain isnt it.
the inside of my bedside drawer unit just smells fusty and damp . Ive had a roofer in to check roof for leaks,but there is nothing.
My bedroom is north facing too.
I cant move the room round because the units are fitted.And even if i did ,all my clothes would then get fusty. I am not aware of it happening in other peoples houses...just thought it was my misfortune

BettyTurnip Tue 10-Nov-09 12:07:23

What about getting one of those small dehumidifiers (or moisture traps)which use crystals? They sell them on Amazon for around 20 quid.

pcworld Tue 10-Nov-09 12:09:33

IF you can bear to leave a window open even just a tiny bit for part of the day, this will help a lot.

alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 13:02:06

I sleep with my window open all night.Its really annoying cos my wallpaper is lifting away.

MarthaFarquhar Tue 10-Nov-09 13:14:56

can you stretch to getting a dehumidifier? or borrow one? We've just got one and it really seems to be helping.

claireyBANG Tue 10-Nov-09 13:28:55

We have the same problem and our bed went mouldy last year. Bed is now an inch away from wall and gets pulled out once every week or two.

We open the windows wide every morning and leave them open or on the latch setting all day- windows are still streaming every morning and that wall is still damp.

Its our whole house though, downstairs is extended and that part in particular is very damp-mould all around the windows etc.

alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 13:44:21

its weird .the only part of my house that is affected is behind the bed head. My room is so small i probably wouldntbe able to for a dehumidifier in but i will have alook and see if B&Q do a small one.

My sons bed is against the same wall but at the back of the house which east facing,and he gets no problems.
Must be breathing too hard in bedgrin

alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 13:45:20

claieryBANG have they sealed your windows properly

claireyBANG Tue 10-Nov-09 14:01:20

Dunno, it's a rented house...

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