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Shelf liners

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racmac Sat 07-Nov-09 15:25:39

I have moved intohouse with a pantry - the shelves have been covered at some point but they are so dirty and grotty i wanted to re cover them.

I was thinking of the adhesive stuff you used to cover school exercise books with but cant find anything big enough for shelves.

Anyone any suggestions or seen the stuff i want any where

Itsjustafleshwound Sat 07-Nov-09 15:30:32


Ikea also do a roll of thin non-sticky plastic (advertised to line drawers) - that can be cut to size - my mum swears by it and she has used it in her pantry (it is removable and washable and replacable unlike the sticky stuff)


NancyBotwin Sat 07-Nov-09 15:30:35

I think I've seen that sticky-back plastic stuff in Wilkinsons - iirc they sell it in rolls with different patterns.

Another option is to buy oil cloth and attach it to the shelves with a staple gun.

racmac Sat 07-Nov-09 15:34:38

thank you very much smile

Will look in Wilkinsons and then compare to the ones on Amazon.

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