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HELP urgently needed, before estate agents rings this morning!

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Fizzylemonade Sat 07-Nov-09 06:52:10

So I have 3rd viewing this morning from my cash buyer, we have offers on the table but because we want them to increase their offer they are viewing again. It's complicated, they will be moving into it but someone else is buying it for them so they are bringing the lovely person with the cheque book.

In the meantime the house we wanted sold yesterday sad not meant to be and all that. So we rang about another house that was 2nd on our list.

We were told the house was on hold and not open to viewings. We asked a few questions and left it.

EA rang us back later saying that would we be looking to offer, we said yes but would want to see it again. Told them what we were looking to pay, it is less than asking but they have been on a year.

SO we knew they loved the house but needed an extra room for her business which they don't have. Something made me look at planning applications and they have one in for a single storey rear extension from 1 month ago.

Do I reveal that I know about the extension plans when the EA rings me back today? Does it increase the asking price of a property if it is sold with planning permission?

Help me MNetters!

LIZS Sat 07-Nov-09 08:00:37

It might increase value , but that is only relevant if it is passed and you choose to carry it out to their plans within 5 years, otherwise you are back to square one.

RollCorpseIntoHedge Sat 07-Nov-09 08:04:32

I really would not set your heart on this house. I think they had given up on selling and decided to extend. They will probably not want to sell unless you make it worth their while so be aware they might just be testing the water to see how much you want it.

Fizzylemonade Sat 07-Nov-09 08:45:58

Thank you both. I agree RollCorpseIntoHedge they have had one planning app turned down as they tried to do a 2 storey rear extension but our council are really clamping down on 2 storey extensions.

Maybe they want to see if the single storey would be acceptable and then take it off the market. If it was refused they would be able to continue marketing it without paying fees again if they actually took it off the market.

We can't pay their asking price but we are only £10k under it, which is less than 5% off their asking price.

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