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Think we're going to collapse the chain

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rebl Thu 05-Nov-09 13:58:13

As it says really. Our buyers are ready, we're ready, our vendors are ready to sell to us but no ready to buy. They've messed us around so much that instead of being in by now (3 months on) we're not even at exchange. We are now up against the LEA school application deadline. I am NOT letting my children end up in the appauling school we're currently in catchment for just because someone further up the chain can't get their arse in gear.

So I've now instructed the solicitor that we are to exchange on our sale by next Friday at the latest with completion the last friday in November. I've told the ea that we're buying through that this is what is happening. I said that the day of exchange on our sale we will either be exchanging on purchase or we will signing a 6 month rental agreement. So basically the chain above us has a week to get themselves sorted before I collapse the chain.

I don't want to collapse the chain, I like the house but I can't let my children go to the terrible school when I could have them in a good school seeings as we are able to move to a better location now. I've got to the point that I can't remember why I like the house though. I can remember why I like the village but tbh it doesn't matter to me what the house is like.

I feel like I'm being horrible to everyone in the chain but what can I do? I have to put my children's education 1st. This has been going on for ages now. We should have moved out ages ago and yet we haven't. The time of being patient has gone. I need action.

NoseyNooNoo Thu 05-Nov-09 15:42:18

You're not being horrible. Your reasons are extremely understandable. I hope your ultimatum works out for you.

Good luck!

GuyFawkesIsMyLoveSlave Thu 05-Nov-09 16:06:44

You won't be collapsing the chain -- you'll still be selling, by the sound of things, so half the chain will be just fine, and it's your vendors who are collapsing the other half of the chain by messing around.

rebl Thu 05-Nov-09 20:37:15

Thank you for making me feel less selfish. I know I'm doing it for all the right reasons but it just feels against my nature to upset people like this. But I hadn't thought about it like GuyFawkes put it and its not us collapsing the chain but our vendors. They could still make all this happen, they can save it.

doingthelambethwalk Thu 05-Nov-09 20:39:51

You're being sensible, not selfish. Your buyers will be fine and if you have any moral obligation it is to them, not to your vendors. If your vendors have any sense they will move into rented to save their sale.

Good luck!

feedthegoat Thu 05-Nov-09 20:47:58

We did the same thing in December 07 after being messed about by our vendor for 4 months. She had claimed be able to offer a quick completion and would move out whenever we wanted when we put the offer in.

Early December I lost my rag and said we'd pull out if she didn't complete before christmas. I meant it too, though we would have put our things in storage and moved in with my parents. I still think to this day that she was trying to call my bluff by offering 21st December but I was so bloody minded by then I agreed. So we moved in to an utterly filthy house 5 days before christmas with a 2 year old.

I hope it works for you too.

HouseHuntingNoMore Thu 05-Nov-09 21:20:58

Good for you rebl grin I know these Vendors have been a total PITA & they do need a kick up the posterior. Good luck hun & keep us posted

rebl Fri 06-Nov-09 12:04:01

Well, I'm going round a rental this afternoon without dh and got another booked for tomorrow morning. I've got the cats booked into the cattery for 3 weeks from the end of November so wherever we end up we'll be settled in before we bring them back into the fray. The removal men are booked and the storage with them that would be required for 1wk if we were to move into the house we are buying is pencilled in. I think dh is shock but we've put this ultermatum to them now so we need to be able to go through with it, would be a bit blush if we then couldn't!!

feedthegoat Its nice to hear from someone who has done this and its worked out and you've got the house you wanted. I'm so scared that its all going to go pear shaped and we end up homeless.

HouseHunting How are things with you?

HouseHuntingNoMore Fri 06-Nov-09 18:26:43

Am keeping my fingers crossed for you

We are completing on our house Friday & the plan was for us to move into a holiday let nearby for 2 weeks until we complete on the new house 3 weeks today (hopefully). There are 3 parties in the chain BUT the owner of the house at the top of the chain has today asked if we will agree to postpone completion by a week b/c the plumbing in his new house will not have been done. I am mega pissed off as renting for 2 weeks is costing us a small fortune as we will have to pay for DH to get to the train station each morning (I can pick him up at night. Our Vendors have said they do not want to mess us around anymore & they will agree with what we think - so we have gone back & said NO with our Vendors support. Just waiting to see what he comes back with now. Am mega stressed & mega p*ssed off

Biobytes Fri 06-Nov-09 18:32:26

I would do the same, actually I have done it in the past, I said 2 weeks and was prepared to let the house go if it was necessary as I was tired of living out of packed boxes.

It did work, they said they would complete during the week and did, they also left a clean house... but took all the lamp sockets of the house!

Not a problem really... we put new ones before the moving day ended.

mellifluouscauliflower Fri 06-Nov-09 18:38:44

Actually the chain above you doesn't have to collapse. Sell your house, rent the other one.

Then the vendors just need to reduce their price so you are not out of pocket for 6 months rent. Then you can move in at your leisure any time in the next 6 mnths, no?

rebl Sat 07-Nov-09 20:19:02

We have a plan that works for us, doesn't cost us more than it would do if things all sort themselve out and gives the chain another 2 weeks to sort themselves out and our kids into the right school. I drempt it last night and we can't find a flaw in it, yippeee!!!!

We are exchanging on our sale, come what may on Friday with completion 27th November. If purchase can't exchange we'll pretend to pull out over the weekend, let them sweat. On the Monday, assuming there is no sign of them jumping and exchanging we'll tell them that we've considered our position and we are giving them a last ditch chance to save the chain. They are to complete on the 27th, if not the deal is off.

Fast forward to 25th when I predict they won't have exchanged. We pile more and more pressure on. Assuming they're still saying yes to 27th by that point we go along with it.

27th we move out into temporary accomodation that I've managed to find us that will let us book on a weekly basis but is expensive but its in the catchment area grin. We tell them that to save their sale we will be reducing our payment on their house by £300 (rent and storage costs) per week plus £700 (the extra cost of having our stuff delivered to the new house from storage). So basically on 28th our offer will be reduced by £1000 and then £300 every week after that.

Even if we get what we want which is sale and purchase happen on the same day (27th) we need to be in 2 weeks temporary accomodation anyway whilst work is done. They don't know that though, they think we're doing the work at some point in the future, not that we've decided to do it before we move in.

So we've booked 2 weeks accomodation from 27th. One thing that both dh and I feel is that no one in this chain ultimatly wants this chain to collapse because the person whose been messing could have collapsed it this week when I lost the plot but instead returned the paperwork that was holding it up. So we think they'll respond to this pressure. Its no skin off our nose, its what we need to do anyway even if all goes ok.

We have found 2 rentals that will do for 6 months if we need to and we'll set that in stone on our mortgage offer expiry date.

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