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Talk to me about new windows please...

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mooseloose Thu 05-Nov-09 10:30:42

I need windows for the whole house -3 back 3 front. They will be white.
I have looked about, and am thinking about 3 openers on each window - two slim vertical ones, one each side of the main pane, and a slim horizontal one across the top.
I have seen a nice one like this up the road. But it has leads/squares in, and I don't want them, and worry they will look plain.

Questions in my head!
So do I need 3 openers? Would no leads be plain? Would looking thru leads drive me mad?

Anyone had new windows and wished they had done something different.

My current ones are daft. They open inwards, or tilt sideways, so hardly any air gets in...


somewhathorrified Thu 05-Nov-09 11:21:38

If you are having new windows you may find you can't have the number of openings you want for H&S reasons. They have to be wide enough openers for fireman to get through. As for leaded or unleaded, it depends what you like.

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