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curtain pole extender?

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jetforkesandbonfires Wed 04-Nov-09 08:30:41

My friend has recently put up my bay curtain pole, for which i am very grateful. But, the way she has put it up means that it falls short at the front of the bay - it doesnt go around the corner at the front so that the curtain hangs correctly IYSWIM

There is about 6" between the end of the pole (if i take the finial off) and the actual corner, so i am wondering if it is possible to buy/fix an extra piece of pole that bends around the corner? I know i can get small elbow joints, but they are too short to reach the corner.

I hope all that makes sense, as i really dont want to have to take the entire pole down again. It is a 19mm black pole.

chachachachacha Wed 04-Nov-09 20:20:12

You can get bits that go round the corner that are called 'Bay Return Poles'. Some places to kits so you may be able to get something to match.

Out of interest where did you get your bay pole? I'm hunting for some at the moment.

jetforkesandbonfires Wed 04-Nov-09 21:02:05

got it in wilkinsons, cost just over £30 i think. As i needed the brackets attaching to the ceiling of the bay, i was a little limited in what i could go for.

It is not a passing rail though, so if you want curtains that close, you would need 2 pairs.

It is a lovely pole, and poles go.....

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