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Removal companies and lofts

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spiralqueen Mon 02-Nov-09 12:44:13

We are relocating in the new year and the packing will be done entirely by whichever removal company is appointed by the relocation people. The info we have says that we have to empty the loft ourselves which is fine but I have a few questions which you may be able to shed some light on...

* how do they work out how much stuff you have in your loft - does someone go up there or do you have to provide a list?

* do they want to repack everything? All our stuff up there is either in plastic storage crates or cardboard boxes (all labelled)

* we won't be able to bring stuff down until the last minute as there is nowhere to put it - will this be a problem?


janmoomoo Mon 02-Nov-09 15:44:00

From my experience of moving last year I would say they did have a look in our loft when they came round so they could estimate the amount of stuff up there (loads). They also looked in the garden and in the shed.

I think you get what you pay for - my brother got a fantastic deal with some cheapo company and they didnt check his garage, loft or shed, all of which were rammed. On the move day they couldnt get it all in the lorry and my brother had to leave stuff with neighbours then hire a van and come back for it. Nightmare. So you need to make sure you make them aware how much you have.

DH says someone could easily live in our loft given the amount of stuff that is up there!

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