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hifi Mon 02-Nov-09 11:21:52

having building work done and want something safe to cover stair carpets, any ideas?

CybilCybilCybil Mon 02-Nov-09 11:27:22

dust sheets cheap wickes

MrsSixx Tue 03-Nov-09 08:59:48

I am off to buy some of this stuff later as one of my bedrooms is being plastered later this week:;jsessionid=1X0DQ1KDPNGQECSTHZOSFEY?dyncharset=UTF-8&fhs earch=carpet+protector

MrsSixx Tue 03-Nov-09 09:00:22;jsessionid=1X0DQ1KDPNGQECSTHZOSFEY?_dyncharset=UTF-8&fh_search=carpet+pro tector

MrsSixx Tue 03-Nov-09 09:00:39

^^ That's better grin

Fizzylemonade Tue 03-Nov-09 09:22:58

depending when you are having it done, you can get plastic adhesive sheeting (like they use on 60 minute makeover- I have never watched that but my friend saw it and used it)

Loads of companies on line do it, like this

google carpet protection film. I am definitely using it next time I decorate or have anywhere plastered especially as you can cover windows with it. It is amazing how many splats there are on windows and skirting after plastering!

hifi Tue 03-Nov-09 09:23:36

that looks fab, thanks

inthesticks Tue 03-Nov-09 15:34:56

I have builders in today and the first thing they did was put that tacky plastic cover on the stairs. Maybe worth asking what they will do to protect your carpets etc before you do it yourself?

hifi Tue 03-Nov-09 17:45:32

builder says as hes just on ground floor wont need to do anything, they have to go to loo though.doing it myself or it wont grt done!

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