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My cacky old house is about to go from sluggy, cold and damp to dry and warm

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LaurieScaryCake Mon 02-Nov-09 09:19:06

After 5 years of living in this shit 160 year old shabby hole we are finally getting some things done.

Damp proofing - top and bottom of house, downstairs its rising damp, upstairs its humidity problems.

Cheapo loft conversion - boarding/velux windows/insulated/painted/proper ladder so i can actually go in the loft

Replacing 23 year old boiler (which is all lovely and dangerous in our bedroom) with a wood burning stove which will heat the radiators and hot water.

Until I had the pipes mended and the oven replaced 8 weeks I have done without a washing machine and oven for over a year. So much has been wrong with this house.

In 2 months my house will be dry and warmish smile

<hugs self as very excited>

QuintessentialShadows Mon 02-Nov-09 09:21:48

Sounds like a much needed improvement, laurie! smile

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