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Those stained glass window stickers.. dodgy or workable?!

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Crumplet Sat 31-Oct-09 11:43:05

We have just bought a newly built house which we fell in love with because it is an unapologetically (some might say gawd-ugly) modern lump in an otherwise fairly staid suburban road. Its all angles and glass, and I like to think its what Frank Llyod Wright would have built, if he were working to a budget in a tight infill plot in suburbia.. It has huge floor to ceiling (UPVC) glass windows in many of the rooms. This is great in many places, but two of the rooms look out over the road and are easily visable from the road to those walking past.Especially a problem in the winter with lights on inside.I want to use the downstairs room as a playroon, and get a bit paranoid about the potential for inappropraite observation of my DDs pottering round, and the upstairs one as a bedroom for DD3 when she arrives.. At the moment we have venetian blinds and it looks like a dental surgery. I really fancy ditching the blinds and trying stained glass effect with a contemporary design, to the lower half of the windows, and then fairly plain curtains over for night time. Anyone ever tried the stained glass effect film? Does this sound like the worlds naffest idea or could it work? I will try and link to the design I like..BWM

JetSetWilly Sat 31-Oct-09 11:50:39

I think that sound like a lovely idea. Another alternative would be the privacy frost, which you may have already considered, something something like this for a playroom for eg

they also have vinyl coloured panels on that website too

your rooms sounds lovely envy

I suspect your children will spend a lot of time peeling them off.

Crumplet Sat 31-Oct-09 12:12:41

Is theat from experience TrickoTDOY.? Are these stickers very peely?

Fizzylemonade Sat 31-Oct-09 15:11:02

We have frosted privacy film in our bathroom as I didn't want a blind. It is really good and we have checked it out at night with lights blazing on the inside and you can't see anything...

But it is obviously over obscured glass so maybe different.

It does peel off very easily when you first put it on as it is wet with water and washing up liquid so if you didn't like it you could remove it.

I bought mine from abodewindowfilms they are cheap but the product is good quality.

You could buy a metre roll of it less than £10 and try it.

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